Конспект урока "My friends"

Выполнила: Чугуева Екатерина Сергеевна
The theme: My friends
Aims: 1. To teach pupils to describe themselves and friends, review all learnt materials by
doing exercises;
2. To develop pupils’ abilities in reading, speaking and writing.
3. To teach pupils to be kind, to respect each other. To educate the feeling of love to their
families and to each other.
Methods: individual and pair work;
Type of the lesson: combined.
Visual aids: cards, pictures
Procedure of the lesson
Organization moment
-Good morning, pupils! I am glad to see you!
-How are you? Sit down please!
Phonetic drill: before beginning our lesson, let’s repeat some proverbs about friendship.
A friend in need-is a friend indeed-Друг познается в беде
A man is known by the company he keeps-Дерево крепко корнями-человек друзьями.
What do you think about friendship?
Introduction of new words:
Dark blue-темно-синий
Dark green-темно-зеленый
Practice: Explaining the theme and state the aims of the lesson with pupils.
Today we’ll take a new theme “Me and my friends”. We are going to speak about
ourselves and about our friends.
1. Let’s describe ourselves.
Pupils: 1. I am Gulim. I am 9. I am tall. I have brown eyes, short nose, black long hairs and
round face.
I am Gulsaya. I am 6. I am not tall. I haven’t brown eyes, I have blue eyes, long nose, pink
lips and black hairs.
I am Nurym. I am 7. I am thin. I have dark brown eyes, long nose, black hairs and red
2. Let’s talk about our friends.
Pupils: I have many friends. They are very kind, clever and funny boys and girls.
One of them Aishuak. He lives in Astana. He has blue eyes, short nose, blond hairs and
round face. He is very active boy.
3. Association
Dark blue eyes
4. Completing the word with missing letters
Friend and
he has…
5. Checking understanding of the new material
1. What is your name?
2. How old are you?
3. What colour is your eyes?
4. What is your friends’ name?
5. How old are your friend?
6. What colour is your friends’ eyes?
I. Conclusion
1) Who is the tallest in your friends?
2) Who has the shortest hair in your friends?
3) Who is the cleverest girl in your class?
4) Who is the very active boy in your class?
5) Who is the very kind pupil in your class?
II. Putting marks
III. Home task