Презентация "What friends have you got?" 7 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
What friends have you got? [b] – brainy, to be boring, to be with [s] – similar interests, supportive, to stand by smb. [t] – to take time, to talk problems through, true, to try understand Tongue – twisters
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed.
  • Друг познается в беде.
  • The friends you choose help you win or loose.
  • С друзьями, что сами себе выбираем, мы или находим, или теряем.
Продолжите предложения:
  • It takes time….
  • Maybe you and I…
  • That’s not the same as…
  • And there was only one picture…
  • We could rent…
Answer the questions:
  • What problems do the girls have?
  • What is the biggest problem for all of them? Why?
  • What do Stacey and Claudia say about having friends?
Write about the character traits which are important in a partner with whom you work at the lessons.
          • 1)I think that the partner should be ____, ____ and ___.
          • 2)It’s important for a partner to ___, to ___ and ___.
          • 3)And I think he/she should _________ as well.
Past Simple Passive
  • WAS WAS – ед.ч.
  • V3
  • WERE WERE – мн.ч.
  • He was asked.
  • He wasn’t asked.
  • Was he asked?
  • Who was asked?
  • The house (to built).