Презентация "School life" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
Read and translate:
  • To wear a school uniform
  • To study foreign languages
  • Information Technology
  • Science
  • Extracurricular activities
  • To discuss different problems
  • To explain grammar rules
  • To learn poems by heart
  • To be very polite
  • To ask and answer questions
  • To get good marks
  • To play jokes
Translate from Russian into English
  • Проводить много времени
  • Проводить каникулы
  • Фотографировать
  • Скучать по семье
  • Пропускать уроки
  • Ездить за границу
  • Заботиться о
  • Сидеть спокойно
  • Бегать во время перемены
  • Заводить новых друзей
  • Рисовать смешные картинки на доске
  • Учить новые слова
  • 1. What is his name?
  • 2. How old is he?
  • 3. What are his hobbies?
  • 4. What form is he in?
  • 5. He goes to a private school, doesn’t he?
  • 6. Is his school in Kent or in London?
  • 7.Do they wear uniforms to school?
  • 8. What subjects does he have at school?
  • 9. What are his favorite subjects?
  • 10. Whom would he like to be?
  • 1. Do you go to school?
  • 2.Do you wear a uniform to school?
  • 3.What form are you in?
  • 4.How many subjects a day do you have?
  • 5.What lessons do you have today?
  • 6.When does your first lesson begin?
  • 7.How long does every lesson last?
  • 8.What marks do you usually get?
  • 9.How long does the usual break last?
  • 10.Have you got a lunchtime?
  • 11.How long is it?
  • 12.When does your last class end?
  • 13.Do you have any extracurricular activities at school?
  • 14.What activities do you have?
  • 15.Would you like to visit a British school?
Choose the right verb
  • 1) Tomorrow she this text into Russian.
  • a) translates b) translated c) will translate
  • 2) Last August my father and I abroad.
  • a) go b) will go c) went
  • 3) Most British students school uniform.
  • a) wear b) wears c) wore
  • 4) The children English very soon.
  • a) speak b) spoke c) will speak
  • 5) How many girls there in your class?
  • a) is b) are c) do
  • 6) They a lot of questions last Monday.
  • a) ask b) asked c) will ask
  • 7) We to school every day.
  • a) go b) went c) shall go
  • My summer holidays
  • in the country
  • in the city
  • abroad
  • in the camp
  • G O O D J O B !