Инновационная деятельность учителя в современных условиях

Инновационная деятельность учителя в современных условиях
Кабдушева Алия Жумадиловна,
ст.преподаватель. Казахстан
The teacher’s innovative activity is an integral part of his professional
development process. Those who work in the traditional system learn the
technique of presenting complex learning skills. Already this will allow fully
carrying out educational work and achieving exactly this success. However, for
the implementation of the innovation activities of a teacher, teaching alone is not
enough. The teacher’s readiness to follow the path of improvement is important.
The innovation process is a process of development, an object of
development management. Educational institution, process of development and
development of innovations. Innovative technologies are the production
(invention) of a new component of the education system.
Innovation is the process of introducing innovations” - such components
or connections that were not previously in the education system. The process of
transferring a system from one quality state to another is based on innovation. If
by pedagogical innovation, we understand the idea, method, means, technology
or system, then innovation, in this case, will be a process of transferring into
practice and mastering this innovation.
Through the development of innovations, it is possible to control the
development of educational systems both at the school level and at the regional,
country level.
The involvement of teachers in innovation has its own characteristics. This
implies the existence of the necessary degree of freedom of the respective
The process of introducing innovations into the educational process largely
depends on the abilities of the teacher. How to determine the readiness of teachers
to innovate? The potential of the individual in this case is associated with such
parameters as:
- The presence of creativity for the generation of the production of new views
and ideas, as well as the development and modelling of them in practice;
- Readiness to differ from existing concepts, new ones, which acquire
panoramic character and flexibility of mind and tolerance to nature;
- Education and development in cultural and aesthetic terms;
- The desire to improve their performance, as well as the availability of
internal methods and tools that it will provide.
The teacher's willingness to innovate was also aware of his excellent health,
ability to restrain strong stimuli, high emotional status and readiness to be creative
in her work. Besides the personal, the teacher must have special qualities. These
include knowledge of new technologies, the ability to develop a project, the
development of new teaching methods, and the ability to analyze and determine
the causes of existing deficiencies.
Often, the management of innovation activities is a challenge to teachers.
However, it is impossible to imagine modern work without innovative
methods. However, to achieve their goals, teachers need different types of
support. For some, psychological support is important for others individual
advice from a practitioner or teacher. One of the prerequisites of innovation is the
availability of a sufficient number of specialized educational and methodical
literature, as well as the latest material and technical base.
The innovative activities of teachers in the modern education system should
be a personal category, part of the creative process and the result of the creative
activity. It also implies a certain degree of freedom in the actions of the respective
The main value that the teacher of innovations adheres to is that it allows
you to form a personality, able to express yourself and use your abilities at the
same time as work. The difficulties encountered in the course of this work,
according to many practitioners, can be solved independently.
We all understand that new technologies influence how we learn and learn
languages. Some EFL professors may enthusiastically introduce new
technologies, while others may be more indecisive or unconvinced about their
merits. But for a growing number of teachers, it is clear that our students - a group
of future teachers - are growing in a world where digital technologies play a
central role in their daily lives. This close relationship with technology is changing
the way these students approach and use information and the way they expect
information to be presented to them.
The main characteristics of the use of modern innovative technologies are
the ability to differentiate and individualize education, as well as the possibility
of developing cognitive creative activity of students.
The task of teachers is to create conditions for practical language learning
for each student, to choose such teaching methods that will allow each student to
show their activity, their creativity, and to activate the student’s cognitive activity
in learning English.
The goal is to teach children to speak fluent English, write and read English
correctly, so that each lesson brings not only knowledge but also the joy that
students believe in their abilities.
The teacher, who actively uses new educational technologies in his work
(forms, methods and means of teaching), allows him to cooperate with students
and arouses interest in learning activities.
The main goal of language education is aimed at the development of
students' communicative culture, mastering the practical skills of the English
Innovation is a new content and a new direction of introduction of new
models that go beyond the specified number, to a new level of professional
activity, new critical results, providing new technological and pedagogical actions
in one program. Thanks to the use of new technologies, the teacher, on one hand,
wins how to organize effective training in order to increase students' interest in
the discipline, and on the other hand, it will benefit students as it expands the
knowledge of the subject. Thus, with a change in the conditions of teaching new
technologies and teaching methods, the quality of education will also increase. [3]
New innovative technologies are a special kind of professional activity. For
the development of innovative technologies in order to attract a great educational
experience. In fact, each teacher in the development of new innovative
technologies has its own development and self-esteem. [3]
New innovative technologies are tools that make materials and tasks more
interactive and more student-oriented, encouraging students to take greater
responsibility for their own learning.
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