Конспект урока "The Earth Was Made for You and Me" 8 класс

Лысов Д.И.
Тема урока: . “The Earth Was Made for You and Me
Тип урока: обобщающий.
Цель урока: систематизировать знания учащихся по темеThe Earth Was
Made for You and Me
Задачи урока:
- формирование лексических умений и навыков в устной речи,
монологического и диалогического высказывания, развитие навыков
поискового чтения, формирование навыков проектной деятельности.
- продолжать развивать умение общаться на иностранном языке;
- строить высказывания по образцу и самостоятельно;
- развивать творческие способности учащихся
- прививать любовь и интерес к иностранному языку;
- воспитывать уважительное отношение к природе англоязычных стран,
более глубокое осознание красоты своего края, своей малой родины;
- воспитывать умение работать в парах, группах, самостоятельно.
Оснащение урока: мультимедийная доска, раздаточный материал
Организационный момент
а) Приветствие.
Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you again.
I.Введение учащихся в атмосферу иноязычного общения. Сообщение о
задачах урока
Teacher. You see that the weather is fine and we can make a trip. Where would
you like to go?
What attractive lands do you know?
Pupils. Scotland, England, Australia, Canada, America and of cause our beautiful
country Russia.
Teacher. Yes, you are right. They are really attractive lands.
II. T: And now let’s warm up. Answer my questions:
1.What is the name of the planet we live on?
2.How many oceans are there on our planet?
3.How many continents are there? What are they?
4.There are many countries on each continent, aren’t
5.What can you see in the sky?
6. Is England situated on the island or on the continent?
7.What is the largest country in the world?
8. What amazing places in the world do you know?
P: Grand Canyon National Park in the United States, The river Nile in Egypt,
Mount Everest, Sahara Desert, Antarctica ,The Niagara Falls, Lake Baikal.
T: Now let’s go to America and visit a magic place: The Niagara Falls.
III. Учащийся рассказывает о Ниагарском водопаде, презентация.
America is rich in its amazing sights. For example: the Amazon River is the
longest river in the world; the Andes is the world's longest mountain ; Five Great
Lakes and the Niagara Falls is the most beautiful waterfall in the world.
The Niagara Falls is one of the most amazing American sights. It is situated
between New-York and Chicago. Niagara is an Indian word which means “the
roaring waters”. A mass of waterfalls over a cliff twenty – seven metres high with
a terrible noise. Falls illuminated at night like fireworks.
The Niagara Falls is a beautiful and changing all the time. It attracts a greater
number of people than any other place on the continent. One of the oldest and most
famous tourist attractions of Niagara Falls is a boat cruise on the ship called "Maid
of the Mist". People on the ship plunged into the mist like rain.
The Niagara Falls is a very fantastic place. It is completely frozen in
1911(Nineteen eleventh year). It was impossible sight! Twenty seven meters of
water still frozen.
T: Do you have any questions to Marina?
Ребята задают свои вопросы.
----Have you ever visited the Niagara Falls?
-----Why have you chosen such sight?
T: Marina, ask questions to the children.
---- What does “Niagara Falls” means?
__ Why does it attract so many people?
T: Where will we go now? In Scotland, to see one of the most beautiful and
mysterious lake.
Презентация озера Лох Нес.
SCOTLAND. It is a country of great variety with its own unique character and
strong traditions. It is a very beautiful country, famous for the diversity of its
landscapes. Scottish lakes, called ”lochs” are surrounded by picturesque hills and
mountains. The most famous of the Scottish lochs is Loch Ness, because of the
mystery of its monster. It is not the largest lake in Britain, but it is 35 km long. The
weather of the lake is dark and always very cold. It is a strange creature with two
humps in its back, the head of a snake, a giraffe-like neck and two very short front
legs. People called the water monster Nessie. The Loch Ness monster is a real
attraction for people from all parts of Britain and from many other countries.
Pupils ask questions:
---What do you think about Loch Ness monster? Is it a real creature?
--- Do you want to visit Scotland? Why?
---What is the weather of the lake?
T: What is the largest and the most beautiful country in the world?
P: Russia.
T: What wonderful places in our country do you know?
P: Lake Baikal, the Caspian sea, The Urals, the taiga, White Nights.
Презентация озера Байкал.
Baikal takes special place among all the beauties and riches of Siberia. It is the
greatest nature puzzle which cannot be solved till today. The question of Baikal’s
origins is still controversial. It is the deepest lake on the Earth. Its maximum depth
is 1637 m. Baikal water is pure, crystal, transparent, fresh, well-saturated with
oxygen and contains very few mineral salts. Its total volume amounts 23000 cubic
km (22% of the world’s surface fresh water). 22 stationary islands exist in Baikal.
The age of Baikal impresses imagination: it is about 25 ml years old.
The lake is fed by 336 rivers. Most of the streams flowing into the lake are only
short rivulets that plunge down the steep cliffs during rains or during the spring
The beauty and variety of fauna of Baikal impress imagination.
Baikal is unique and incomparable. You may think that here like in a giant
laboratory Nature performed some mind-boggling experiments. The perfect and
unique world has been created. The taiga and the desert, the tundra and the stone
steppe are combined here together. Trees and flowers, birds and animals, the sun
and the depth of the lake, all these save the fresh water of Baikal for the living and
the future generations.
Local people consider Baikal sacred and treat it as if it were an alive, intelligent
and wise creature. A lot of legends are connected with Baikal: “Baikal has put it
here by its wave, so it should be its proper place!” The sacredness of the lake was
admitted (or maybe felt) even by the first Russians who came here.
T: What kind of scenery is typical for the place you live?
Which of the words might be used to describe the place where you live?
P: Beautiful, peaceful, quiet ,crowded, noisy, busy, ancient, historical, forests and
woodland, lakes, green valley, hills, rivers.
T: What beautiful places in our region do you know?
P: The park of birds “ Sparrows” in Serpukhov, Prioksko-Terrasny reserve.
Nursery of bisons.
Ученики рассказывают о заповедниках Московской области.
Park of birds "Sparrows" in the city of Serpukhov
The park of birds "Sparrows" was open for visitors in June, 2005. The beginning of
an unusual collection of parrots was started 30 years ago. The collection
expanded, received popularity. By the time of Park opening its exposition included
not only exotic birds, but also birds of our homeland . Park of birds is not only a
place for entertainments and rest, but also an educational place.
In the park it is possible to meet many animals. Some, for example lambs, calfs, it
is possible to stroke goats. It is possible to ride on a horse or a, with a donkey - to
be photographed. We can see the birds brought in the Red book. The park of birds
is the world of the fairy tale, a soul holiday.
Prioksko-Terrasny reserve. Nursery of bisons.
The real pearl of the nature, thanks to a unique combination of flora preserved by
the reserve and faunae. The Prioksko-Terrasny reserve is located in the southern
part of the Moscow region on the left coast of Oka. Here live: elks, wild boars,
martens, caresses, badgers, hares.
The main sight of the reserve is Zubrovy nursery where you can see and even to
stroke bisons . Here animals live in the conditions approached to natural
conditions. Such a remarkable reserve is created what to keep the earth nature.
T: Do you have any questions?
P: Have you visited the park of birds?
-- What do you like there?
-- Did you ride a horse?
-- What unusual collections in this park do you know?
P: Have you ever been to this park?
What did you see there?
IV. Let’s do the quiz:
Niagara Falls
a) means “ the roaring waters” in American English.
b) Is a mass of water falling over a cliff of 20 meters with terrible noise.
c) Is one of the most amazing American sights.
A National Park is
a) a place protected from industrial and urban development.
b) An area 50 kilometers away from Manchester.
c) A place where there are more sheep than people.
The deepest lake on the Earth is
a) Loch Ness
b) Lake Baikal
c) Lake Michigan
The park of birds in Moscow region has an unusual
collection of
a) parrots
b) stamps
c) horses
V.T: Let’s do the exercise from the Workbook
Выполняют упражнение из рабочей тетради. Национальные парки.
Read the letter and fill the form. Use Ex.120 on pp. 32-33, Student’s Book for
To anyone it may concern (адресовано заинтересованным лицам)
Hello! My name is Sharon Green and I represent an International Organization
“The Green Earth”. We work to keep our planet unspoiled and suitable for living.
We try to protect wildlife in all the parts of the world from industrial and urban
development. Now we are looking for a suitable place to arrange a national park
there. If you know of such a place in Russia and have any ideas on the point, please
fill in the form below. Thank you.
1. What is your name and age?___________________________________
2. In what part of Russia do you live?_______________________________
3. Do you have a National Park anywhere in your area ? If “No”, would you
like to have it?_______________________________________________
4. What is the geography of your region (mountains, plains, forests, lakes, and
so on._______________________________________________________
5. What climate do you have? What kind of weather do you have in summer
and in winter? What is the lowest and the highest temperature in your
6. What animals and birds live or lived in your region? What animals would
you like to have in your park?____________________________________
7. Can a National Park help the development of the local economy?
VI.T: Our land is very large in size and beautiful.
There are a lot of seas, lakes, mountains, forests, plains, meadows in our country.
Listen some poems about Great Russia.
P: Oh, Russia, I’m in love with you!
Remember, Russia, you are great
Not in the field of battles past
But in the green fields full of wheat
And forest, gardens, free of dust.
I love you deeply, dear land,
Your hills and rivers, sand on strand
Your songs and dances, lakes and seas
Your beasts and fish, birds in trees.
Your sunrise in a splendid sight
Which gives me always such delight!
T: Do you like this poem?
What other poems about the beauty of our world do you know?
T: Listen to me:
1.Люблю твою, Россия, старину…
…Люблю твои избушки и цветы,
И небеса, горящие от зноя,
И шепот ив у омутной воды,
Люблю навек, до вечного покоя…
Россия, Русь! Храни себя, храни!..
Николай Рубцов
2. Все хочет петь и славить бога:
Заря, и ландыш, и ковыль,
И лес, и поле, и дорога,
И ветром зыблемая пыль.
Федор Сологуб
3. Колокольчики мои,
Цветики степные,
Что глядите на меня,
И о чем звените вы,
В день веселый мая,
Средь некошеной травы,
Головой качая?
А. Толстой
T: I want you to translate these poems into English at home.
VII. Подведение итогов урока.
Выставление оценок.