Презентация "I love My Earth"

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I My Earth The Map of Our Motherland
  • Our
  • Earth
  • Is
  • Our
  • Home.
  • Remember words and expressions about environment;
  • Practice in reading, translating and speaking;
  • Learn different facts about national parks and reserves;
  • Discuss ecological problems in your native place.
Words and Expressions
  • environment to care about
  • pollution to take care of
  • protection to pay attention
  • Green Peace to be clear
  • ecology reserve
  • nature to solve
  • to keep to clean
  • to protect to help
  • to save to ignore
  • laws scientist
  • government world
Will you translate?
  • Я читала текст о защите окружающей среды.
  • Защита окружающей среды – важная проблема в нашей стране.
  • Мы обращаем внимание на загрязнения нашей природы.
  • Иногда многие организации игнорируют проблемы экологии.
  • Мы заботимся о планете.
  • Загрязнение воздуха – это ужасно.
Will you read and translate?
  • Dirty Water
  • More than 20 years ago the factory was built on the Lake Baikal. The result of it is a water pollution. More than 50 per sent of the world’s purest water is dirty. The ecology of the lake is ruined. Many scientists, writers write about the problem of Lake Baikal in the press and in the government. Lake Baikal is a special protested zone of the country now. There is a hope that one of the most beautiful and the deepest lakes of the world will never die.
Questions About Ecological Problems
  • What ecological problems have you got?
  • What is the most important ecological problem in your native place?
  • What do you think about it?
  • What must you do to solve ecological problems?
  • How do factories, cars, people pollute your town?
  • What must you do to protect nature?
  • What must factories, government and citizens do to keep nature?
  • Do you know organizations keeping our nature?
National Parks and Reserves
  • Таганай – один
  • из самых
  • молодых
  • национальных парков
  • России.
Unique National Parks
  • Кушская коса – один наиболее >
  • уникальных парков России.
  • < Национальный парк озера Байкал.
Other National Parks
  • Лосиный остров – один из >
  • старейших национальных
  • парков.
  • < Русская Арктика.
Valdai National Park
  • The Map
  • of
  • the Park
Views Of Valdai National Park The Poem About Nature
  • All Earth is home for us,
  • Animals, birds and grass.
  • Keep our nature clean
  • And both people and nature will win.
Will you choose your homework?
  • Write an article in a newspaper about ecological problems in your town.
  • Write rules how to keep our nature.
  • Draw a picture on the ecological topic.