Презентация "Mother Earth" 7 класс

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AZERBAIJAN ,SHIRVAN CITY SCHOOL №21 Teacher: Saadat Guliyeva Grade: 7A Topic: Mother Earth A I M (Məqsəd)
  • :To brush up the Ss’ knowledge on Mother Earth involving them in cooperative work and get them to share about its beauty,wonders,mountains,rivers-how to protect the Earth through practicing,speaking,reading,writing skills.
  • 1.1.2
  • 2.1.3
  • 2.1.3
  • Defines the main idea listening/answering the questions
  • Writes the opinions describing the pictures on the topic
  • Makes solutions reading the passages
  • Takes part in discussions about the Earth
  • Writes an essay using the key words and expressions
  • Uses the correct punctuation marks
Content Line(Məzmun xətti)
  • Listening/Speaking/Writing
  • Integration: Science-1.2.1, Geography2. 1.3, Literature- 3.1.3
  • Interaction: GW/IW/PW
  • Strategy : Description,Discussion/Word association/Carousel
  • Resources: SB,flashcards,map,grammar table,computer,film roll,pictures,cards
Song: Mother Earth Pictures Pictures Questions
  • How did you feel while listening to the song?
  • What places of nature do you want to visit?
  • Can you describe it with other words?
Research question:
  • What is the Earth for you?
  • What should we do to save the Earth?
Discussion/Information Exchange
  • GROUP-1
  • GROUP-2
  • GROUP-3

What is the Earth?

What is the result of polluting environment?

What are there on the Earth?

What can you see on the Earth?

What should we do to save the Earth?

Why is our planet in danger?

Creative Work
  • Write an essay about “Mother Earth”
  • “How can we protect Mother Earth?”
  • “How can we help the Earth?”
Self Assessment