Презентация "The Earth is in Danger"

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Presentation Dovgalevskaya Natalia

The Earth is in Danger

Part 1

Whether the weather be fine Or whether the weather be not. Where the weather be cold Or whether the weather be hot. We will walk together. Whatever the weather Whether we like it or not. Agree or disagree:

April 22nd is Earth Day.

People all over the world think about our planet.

Agree or disagree:

People know how to protect wild animals and plants.

People don`t want

to help nature.

Agree or disagree:

Water is not important for life on the Earth.

There is a lot of good clean water on our planet.

Lake Baikal is not in danger now.

Life on Earth depends on the temperature.

Some people do a lot of harm to the forests.

People must protect life on Earth.