Презентация "Cows are Funny" 3 класс

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Cows are Funny. 3 «б» класс. Развитие монологической речи. учитель Сафронова Е.В. Animals.

This is a whale,

It is very fat.

This is a horse.

It is very sad.

This is an elephant,

Clever, big and elegant.


a nose

a tail


a body


a neck

a head

Parts of a body

a mouth

-Has it got a short tail? -Yes, it has. - No, it hasn't.

-Has it got a big head? -Yes, it has. - No, it hasn't.

-Has it got big ears? -Yes, it has. - No, it hasn't.

-Has it got thin legs? -Yes, it has. - No, it hasn't.

-Has it got big ears? -Yes, it has. -No, it hasn't. (big ears, thin legs, big eyes, a big head, a fat body, a long neck, a short tail, a small nose) Guess.

-It has got (a) … .

-It hasn`t got (a)… .

-Have you got a … ?

jump run talk walk crawl dance climb sing swim fly

A snake can crawl but it can't fly.

Wild or domestic? A … is a reptile. A(an) … is a mammal. What do animals eat ? Match the animal and its food. Animals can talk. Listen to animals` sounds and guess. I think, it is a (an) … . dangerous nice clever happy funny cute(милый) sad elegant strong

This is a hippo. It is a mammal. The hippo is from Africa. The hippo is very fat. It has got a big body, a big head, a short tail, a short neck, short legs, small eyes and small ears. It is grey. It is wild. It eats grass. It can swim and run but it can't fly. This is a … . It is wild / domestic. It is …and … It has got … It can … and … but it can't … . It is a reptile / a mammal. It eats … . I love …s! h/w: упр. 1,2 стр.85(читать, переводить) упр. 2 стр. 76 (повторить)