Презентация "East, West , Home's best" 5 класс

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Types of rooms

Types of houses


Places in the city






East, West, Home’s Best

Name these types of houses

What types of houses are there in your city?

Put the correct word

There is a great view from the 100th floor in the ________________.



I live in the _____________________in a countryside.

semi-detached house

Our house has two parts: the first is where we live, and our neighbours live in the second one, so this type of housing is called________________________.

Unscramble words
  • ysrercksap
  • ocgetat
  • ouwntheos
What type of house do you live in? Rules of the quiz

Easy level 10 points

Middle level 20 points

Difficult level 30 points

Write the names of the rooms Draw the scheme of your flat and describe it (how many rooms, your favorite room, whatit’s like)



There is

There are




Find the rooms in a mess! What is your favorite room and why? Unscramble the sentences!
  • many/rooms/How/there/in/are/your/flat?
  • your/have/you/Do/own/room?
  • favorite/is/room/What/your?
What pieces of furniture are there in each room? Write the names of the furniture Make the riddle about a piece of furniture! Use the pattern below
  • This is the thing, that we use to…
  • or
  • This is what we use for +Ving
Choose a room in your flat/house and describe all furniture there. Start like: “In my… there is/are…” What appliances are in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room? Name these appliances Make a riddle about any appliance so your mates are going to guess it. Start like this: “This is an appliance that we use to…” Give the explanation of the word “neighborhood” in English! Describe your neighborhood using these words:
  • busy area/quiet area
  • city centre/city suburbs
  • noisy street/peaceful street
  • beautiful area/ugly area
  • You can start like this: “I live in a/the…”
Match these neighborhoods:

City centre


busy street

Remember the places in a city. What places are there in your area?