Конспект урока "KINDS OF FILMS"

Конспект урока «KINDS OF FILMS»
1. Приветствие
Hello boys and girls. How are you? Take your seats.
1.2. Речеваяразминка (1)
What do you see in this picture? When do we usually see this lion? Before what?
1.3. Фонетическаязарядка (2)
Before we start speaking about films, we should warm up our tongues and mouths. Let’s say a tongue-twister. You
can look at the TV screen or take you handouts with blue text. “Lions roar very loudly. They live in the jungles very
2. Актуализациязнаний (3-6)
Well done. Let’s return to films. Please, answer my questions. You can also see these questions on the TV screen.
1) Do you prefer watching films at home or at the cinema?
2) How often do you go to the cinema?
3) Do you go to the cinema with your family or with your friends?
4) Do you like popcorn? Sweet or salt?
3. Постановка проблемы (7)
What is your favourite kind of film?
Can you translate these phrases: Megan likes cartoons. Rick likes westerns.
4. Открытиеновогознания (7-9)
So, it is difficult for you to speak about KINDS OF FILM and that’s why this will be the topic of our lesson.
As a rule, our English friends (Sally, Polly, Megan, Ben, Craig and Rick) are going to help us to learn something new.
Now, please, take your hand outs. Your tasks will be: listen to the CD, follow the text, underline four kinds of films.
Now we are going to listen to short parts of the text and I’m going to ask one of you to translate this part. Now we
are going to listen and then repeat after the CD.
So, what are the four kinds of films. Tell me, please, why do Megan like cartoons… Let’s circle the adjectives that we
use to describe films.
5. Динамическаяпауза (10)
We have worked really hard. It’s high time to have some rest. Let’s watch a short video.
Now imagine that you are actors and actresses. Please, show: lions, cowboys, aliens, famous film stars. Thank you.
That was pretty funny. Take your seats.
6. Первичное закрепление и расширение знаний с элементами самостоятельной работы (11-30, 31)
Take next hand outs. In exercise A you can see words in a grey frame. Repeat after me and translate. Now look at the
TV screen. There will be some posters. Name the kinds of films.
Now your task is to look at the posters in your hand outs and name them. Is everything clear? You have 1,5 minutes.
Let’s start. Stop. Take green pens or pencils. If correct put plus. If wrong put minus and correct mistakes. The right
answers you can see on the TV screen. How many pluses have you got? 7, 6, 5…?
7. Включение новых знаний в систему уже имеющихся (32)
Today we have made a lot of different things: we have listened, read and translated the dialogue about films, we
have looked at the posters and written down the kinds of films. Now it’s high time to speak. Please, take your
handouts with black text. There is a chart. What do you see in the first column? In the second column write down
information about your partner, in the third about you. You have 4 minutes to complete the chart. I will help you.
Now Id like to listen to some pairs.
8. Рефлексия (33)
Итак, мы подходим к завершающей части нашего урока. Я прошу вас оценить себя. Возьмите распечатки с
зеленым текстом. Подпишите их. Отметьте галочками сложность / легкость заданий, а также оцените свои
результаты. В конце урока, оставьте распечатки на партах.
9. Домашнее задание.
Your homework will be: listen, read, translate the dialogue, learn the words by heart, in your notebooks write about
your favourite kinds of films like in the example. …… your task is to write the story in your notebooks and learn it by
1. Bingo game
Cinema, TV, video, popcorn, tickets, seats, musical, animal film, western, thriller, space adventure, cartoon, fantasy.
2. Guess
- In this kind of film we can see how animals live.
- There are a lot of music, songs and dances.
- In this kind of films we can see dragons, wizards, elves.
- There are always cowboys and horses in this films.
- Peppa Pig, Tom and Jerry are …
- Star Wars, Gravity are …
- In this kind of film there are a lot of actions, sometimes we can see spies, secret agents and so on.