Презентация "Places of interest London" 5 класс

Подписи к слайдам:
  • Look at the map and find the places you know about. Name them.
  • Find and name new places.
  • This is Big Ben.
  • You can see the clock in its tower and hear the bells.
  • Big Ben is a really bell. You hear it every hour.
  • The famous clock Big Ben stands near the Houses of Parliament. The country’s leaders speak in the Houses of Parliament.
  • Westminster Abbey is a church (церковь). Westminster Abbey is a symbol of England. It was built by King Edward in 1065.
  • The coronation of all British Kings and Queens take place in Westminster Abbey. Some famous English people are also buried [berid] (похоронены) here.
  • This is the Tower of London. The Tower is very old. It has a long and cruel history.
  • The White Tower is the oldest part of the Tower of London.
  • The Bloody Tower is near the river. It has a history of blood – the blood of men, women and even children.
  • the place where British kings and queens live when they are in London.
  • Important visitors often go to the palace. They meet Queen Elizabeth and the royal family inside the palace. A lot of tourist go to Buckingham Palace.
  • They stand outside and see the Changing of the Guard (смена караула)
Answer the questions
  • 1. What are the parts of the UK?
  • 2. What is the name of the Queen of the UK?
  • 3. What is a double-decker?
  • 4. Where do the ravens live?
  • 5. What is London’s river?
Make up a dialogue
  • - You are welcome. Have a nice day.
  • - Excuse me, am I far from Trafalgar Square?
  • - How can I get there?
  • - I’m afraid you are.
  • - It’s very easy. Take bus №64 and you’ll be there in ten minutes.
  • - Thank you very much.
  • Tell about your trip and put in the missing words
  • London is the … of Great Britain. It is a very … city. It was founded about two thousand … ago. London is one of the most … and interesting … in Europe. There are ... of … to visit in London. There are a lot of …, art …, cinemas, theatres and … parks in London.
  • cities, countries, capital, famous, places, museums, years, hundred, popular, opera, old, lots, galleries, lovely, important