Презентация "Places of Interest" 5 класс

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Places of Interest The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ( The UK )
This wonderful country has many different names: Great Britain, The UK or just England. But it has the official name. Could you name it?

London is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.



I would like to go to London to...
  • visit ......
  • see .......
  • practice English
What is the theme of our lesson? A tour around London.
  • We’ll visit some places of interest on a red double-decker bus. It is waiting for you. The bus will stop at the stations. Let’s speak about some of them when the bus is coming up.
Listen and repeat!
  • [æ] – travel, capital, gallery;
  • [ei] – play, place, stadium;
  • [ju:] - museum, new, beautiful;
  • [i]- big, pig, different;
  • [a:] – park, car, partner;
  • [i:] – see, meet, week
Choose the right variant
  • Listen! My friend …the song. (sings, sing, is singing)
  • I … some mistakes in the test. (have, has, is having)
  • They … to visit galleries.(like, likes, is liking)
  • Where is Mum? She … (cook, cooks, is cooking)
  • I can …(see, sees, seeing) much snow in the street.
  • His sister …(play, plays, is playing) the piano very well.
  • Look! They… (play, is playing, are playing) football.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen! We are your guides. Welcome to London! Let’s start with a sightseeing tour on a double- decker bus. Make yourself comfortable, please. Do you know anything about London? What do you know about London? Agree or disagree. -Red Square is in London. - Trafalgar Square is in London. - Moscow is the capital of the UK. - Moscow is different from London. - London is the biggest city in the UK. - You don’t want to visit Great Britain. -There are a lot of places to visit in London. - London is one of the most interesting and famous cities in Europe. -London is small. -London is small. -It stands on the river Thames. -The Romans built a town on the River Thames. -The first name of the town was Londinium. -The Tower of London was a museum in Roman times. -The Queen of England lives in White Tower. -Big Ben is a church. -London is a capital of England.

London is an old city.

It is more than 2. 000 years old

There are many places of interest in the city:

* Trafalgar Square

*The Houses of Parliament

*The Tower

*Tower Bridge

*St. Paul’s Cathedral

*Buckingham Palace

*Piccadilly Circus

Trafalgar Square Make up a dialogue between tourist and Londoner.

- Yes, I can.

- Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to Trafalgar Square?

- Thank you very much.

- Well. Go along that street and it will lead you to Trafalgar Square.

- Oh, it is very easy. Can you see that wide street over there?

- You are welcome. Have a nice day.

What are your emotions today? Choose one statement and write it. - Our lesson was good. - I was a very good pupil! - My mood is excellent! - I am a happy person! - I could help my friends. - I worked very well. - I was interested in the lesson. - I worked badly. - My mood (настроение) is bad. - My knowledge (знания) is bad. - The theme was not interesting for me. - I have negative emotions. Использованные материалы
  • http://www.fcior.edu.ru
  • http://www.tourism-london.ru
  • http://www.lovelylanguage.ru
  • http://londonandall.com
  • http://pedsovet.ru
  • http://nsportal.ru