Задания "Косвенная речь"

Use the reported speech.
Charlie told me…..
1. “I’m thinking of going to live in Canada.
2. “My father is in London.
3. “Nora and Jim are getting married next month.
4. “I haven’t seen Bill for a while.
5. “I’ve been playing tennis recently.
6. “Margaret has had a baby.
7. “I don’t know what Fred is doing.
8. “I hardly ever go out these days.
9. “I work 14 hours a day.
10. “Tom had an accident last week.
11. “I saw Jack at a party a few months ago.
12. “Bill passed his examination.
13. “Ann likes Bill.
14. “I want to be rich and famous.
15. “I’ll be here next week.
16. “I can afford a holiday this year.
17. “New York is bigger than London.
18. “I am feeling ill.
19. “I am going to give up my job.
20. “Ann has bought a new car.
21. “I’ve made lot of friends.”
22. “I found this note under the sofa.”
23. “Pandas live in China.”
Charlie asked…
1. “What do you do in your spare time?”
2. “Where is the post office?”
3. “Where did you park your car?”
4. “Is Ann coming to the meeting?”
5. “Where does Jack live?”
6. “Where can I change some money?”
7. “”How old are you?”
8. “Can you type?”
9. “How you got a driving license?”
10. “Why did you come back?”
11. “What are you doing now?”
12. “Where are you living?”
13. “Are you glad to be back?”
14. “Who broke the window?”
15. “When is your birthday?”
16. “Have you finished those reports?’
17. “When will you do your homework?”