Проверочная работа "Health and Body Care" 5 класс

Верещагина 5.
“ Health and Body Care “
1. Раскройте скобки, употребите глагол в нужном времени.
I ( 1- feel ) rather poor lately, so this morning at nine I ( 2- go ) to the doctor.
I ( 3- find ) him alone in his waiting room, where he ( 4- stand ) by the window.
Where ( 5- be ) your patients? “ I ( 6- ask ). “ I ( 7- not, begin ) consultations here until half
past ten,”- was the answer. “ I’m sorry I ( 8- come ) to early,”
I ( 9- say ), “ I ( 10- go away ) and ( 11- come back ) later. “ Oh, no, I ( 12- prefer ) early
patients to late ones.”
2. Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
1. He said that Mary … when he came into the library.
a) is reading b) reads c) was reading
2. My mum said that she … swim when she was a little girl.
a) can b) could c) would
3. They always said that it often … in England in autumn.
a) rains b) rain c) rained
4. The boy said that he … that book some years before.
a) has read b) have read c) had read
5. Granny told us that she … in the garden when the phone rang.
a) is working b) worked c) was working
6. The doctor is a very clever man. His advice … very useful.
a) is b) are c) were
7. His knowledge of the foreign language … very good.
a) is b) are c) were
8. He was excited by the news. … was very important.
a) They b) It c) This
9. Mother asked what he would do … Friday.
a) next b) the following c) last
10. We asked why she would visit them … day.
a) the next b) last c) that
11. The teacher asked the boy why he hadn’t gone to school … Monday.
a) last b) the previous c) the next
12. Mother wanted to know who … the plate the day before.
a) has broken b) had broken c) have broken
13. The policeman asked the man where … then.
a) did he live b) he lived c) has he lived
14. The doctor asked me if I … the medicine that day.
a) have taken b) had taken c) did take
15. Granny asked Peter if he … dairy products.
a) likes b) liked c) like
16. He asked me if I … morning exercises that day.
a) have done b) had done c) has done
17. They always wanted to know what … do to keep fit.
a) should they b) they should c) they must
18. The letter … yesterday.
a) received b) had been received c) was received
19. She thought that the children … in the yard.
a) were playing b) play c) are playing
20. Look at those people. They are … friends.
a) our b) ours c) mine
21. Are … hands warm? … are quite cold.
a) your, Mine b) yours, My c) my, Your
22. I told her … life story and she told me … .
a) mine, hers b) my, hers c) mine, her
3. Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1.Принимайте это лекарство регулярно три раза в день.
2. Фильм очень взволновал маленького мальчика.
3. Она медленно поправлялась после долгой болезни.
4. Доктор вчера мне выписал лекарство от простуды.
5. Анна простужена. Она чихает и кашляет.
6. Когда он пришел домой, то почувствовал ужасную головную боль.
7. Доктор сказал, что осмотрит больного.
8. Моя одежда в шкафу.
9. Ваши советы хороши.
10. Где деньги? – Они в моей сумке.
11. Борис сказал маме, что пойдет в театр через два дня.
12. Мои часы отстают.
13. Какие красивые волосы!
14. Анна увидела, что Роберт кивал ей.
4. Составьте вопросы к предложениям.
1.Talking about health and sports doesn’t always help to feel healthy, …( Tail )
2. It will take him 20 minutes to get to school. ( How long? )
3. Bob and Alice got married in 1998. ( When? )
4. You are the new secretary, … ( Tail )
5. You like black coffee, … ( Tail )
6. I am busy, … ( Tail )
7. There was nobody at home, … ( Tail )
8. His friend has just moved into a new flat. (When? )
9. This house belongs to the Emersons. ( Who? )
10. They used to go to the theatre on Friday nights. ( Where? )
5. Give it a name.
1. The upper, front part of the body.
2. At once.
3. Foolish.
4. The front of the neck.
5. To look at smth. Closely and carefully in order to find out smth.
6. To move food or drink down the throat from the mouth into the stomach.
7. An organ in the mouth used for tasting, swallowing or speaking.
8. To feel pain.
9. Having a bad taste.
10. Clear and certain.
6. Напишите транскрипцию слов.
1. chest 2. lung 3. regular 4. healthy 5. sneeze 6. cottage cheese