Контрольная работа "Образование" 8 класс

Автор: Куликова Марина Васильевна, МБОУ СОШ №276, г. Гаджиево,
Мурманская область
Контрольная работа по теме «Образование» (Unit 2), 8 класс, УМК Афанасьева,
Михеева (школ с углубленным изучением английского языка)
I. Choose the right form to complete the sentences.
1. If Jane (weren't/hadn't been) a real witch now, she wouldn't (be/have been) able to
turn people into animals so often.
2. If John (didn't vanish/hadn't vanished) so unexpectedly, I would (explain/have
explained) to him all the complicated things then.
3. Mr. Adams is not a very popular teacher. If he (didn't drone/ hadn't droned) on at his
lessons, his pupils would (listen/have listened) to him attentively.
4. If they didn't have a habit of messing around in class, they would always (know/have
known) what answer to give.
5. If the door (didn't squeak/hadn't squeaked) when you were leaving the room, you
wouldn't (wake/have woken) the baby.
II. Fill in the right words to complete the sentences.
1. Sam broke ___ laughter at the sight of his favourite comedian.
2. They had to switch off the electricity in the village because of the thunderstorm that
broke ___ last night.
3. I know that your car is broken ___. Would you like to use mine?
4. What do you mean by breaking ___ my house in the middle of the night when
everyone is in bed and asleep?
5. The government should try to break ___ from the old ways of raising money.
6. I didn't want anyone to know what I felt, but when my friends left I broke ___ and
7. Don't let him break ___, we'll never be able to catch him again.
III. Make up English sentences with the following words and word combinations.
1. Среднее образование.
2. Кабинет директора школы.
3. Столовая.
4. Учительская.
5. Ученик 9 класса.
6. Экзамен на получение сертификата о среднем образовании.
7. Школа-интернат.
8. Платная школа.
9. Выпускник школы.
10. Сдавать экзамен.
VI. Write study or learn to complete the lines:
1. to ... how to drive.
2. to ... the poems by heart.
3. to ... the planets of the solar system.
4. to ... Latin.
5. to ... archaeology.
6. to ... how to swim.
7. to ... the lines for the school play.
V. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the adverb in brackets.
1. Polly's eyes are not very good. From this distance you can see ... than her. (Clearly.)
2. There have been a few sunny days in April, but today the sun shines ... of
all. (Brightly.)
3. ... or ... everyone in your class will choose a career for themselves ... . (Soon, late.)
4. Saying "Thanks" is just not enough. Can't you thank your auntie ...? (Politely.)
5. Lucy is a slow thinker but her little sister Annie thinks even ... . (Slowly.)
6. Why don't you come to see me ...? I miss you. (Often.)
VI. Write what animals produce such sounds.
1. Squeak.
2. Growl.
3. Buzz.
4. Quack.
5. Cackle.
6. Hiss.
7. Twitter.
8. Bark.
9. Drone.
10. Croak.
11. Neigh.
12. Howl.