Тест "Праздники" 7 класс

Test. Unit 3.
I. What are these organizations?
2. Save the children-
3. Help the Ages-
II. What are these days?
1. Arbour Day-
2. Mother’s Day-
3. Father’s Day-
4. Be-Kind-to-Animals Week-
5. World Red Cross Day-
6. Teacher thank You Week-
7. Labor Day-
8. Volunteer’s Day-
III. What do people celebrate on these days?
1. May 8 is_______
2. ________is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.
3. April 22 is______
4. The first Monday in September in the USA and Canada is_______
5. ________ is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.
6. The first week of May is______
7. ________ is celebrated on December 5.
8. The first week of June is___________
IV. Answer please.
1. Who founded Arbor Day?
a) Jack Myers, b) Seymour Simon, c) Julius Sterling Morton
2. Who organized the Red Cross Day?
a) Michael Rosen, b) Henry Dunant, c) Peter Watson
3. When did the battle of Salferino take place?
a) 1859, b) 1866, c) 1756
4. In what year was the British Red Cross organised?
a) 1861, b) 1870, c) 1863
V. Translate these proverbs.
1. We live in deeds, not years-
2. Shake the tree when then fruit ts ripe-
3. A good deed is never lost-
4. The tree is known by its fruit-