Тест "Все времена, косвенная речь, сложное дополнение и фразовые глаголы"

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Test № 4 (final)
Choose the right form of the verb.
1. Be quick! In a minute Ann _____________ turning on the television.
a) is
b) will be
c) was
2. Jane ____ that lonely island, now she can give you all the details of her trip.
a) visited
b) has visited
c) had visited
3. If Jane ________ home early, we shall go to the beach
a) will come
b) comes
c) is coming
4. What time ____the day after tomorrow? I’ll come to say goodbye.
a) will you have
b) do you leave
c) will you be leaving
5. He _______ a newspaper when I ______in.
a) read, came
b) read, is coming
c) was reading, came
6. I _______ up, _______ breakfast, ________ and ______ out.
a) am geting, having, dressing, going
b) got, had, dressed, went
c) have got, had, dressed, gone
7. When I _______ home yesterday, I ______ that my little brother _______my pen.
a) came, saw, had broken
b) came, saw, broke
c) was coming, had saw, had broken
8. When we got up the sun________
a) already rose
b) had already risen
c) has already risen
9. When Tom _____ the door, the lecture ______ and the teacher ______ something.
a) opened, began, explained
b) was opening, began, was explaining
c) opened, had began, was explaining
10. What ____you______ when I ______ you? I _____.
a) did you do, called, cooked
b) were you doing, called, was cooking
c) are you doing, call, am cooking
11. What a huge pile of books! I_____ you to take them to the library.
a) will help
b) will be helping
c) help
12. At this time yesterday Richard ______.
a) was still sleeping
b) is still sleeping
c) has still slept
13. It’s six o’clock. I wonder what Nina _______.
a) is doing
b) does
c) will be doing
14. The Queen ______ in Buckingham Palace.
a) lived
b) is living
c) lives
15. We ______ sure they _____ their work by 10 o’clock.
a) are, finish
b) were, finished
c) were, had finished
16. She ______ as nurse in 1998.
a) worked
b) works
c) has worked
17. While I _____, she _____ the room.
a) cooked, vacuumed
b) cooked, was vacuuming
c) was cooking, was vacuuming
18. Our boss ____ all the papers by four o’clock.
a) singed
b) was singing
c)had singed
19. She ______her homework since morning.
a) has done
b) has been doing
c) is doing
20. I ______ him for three years.
a) have known
b) had known
Report what these people said or asked.
Kitty said: “I saw a real canoe.”
Sam said: “Did you see the mighty Mississippi?”
Margaret asked: “How many days will you spend travelling about Australia?”
The teacher said: “The earth moves round the sun.”
Mother said: “I want a glass of juice.”
Ted said: “The people voted for Bush as the president.”
Kate said: “My brother bought a bike in 2007.”
Use particle to in these sentences with Complex Object where necessary.
1. I'd like you _______ join in our game.
2. I have never heard anyone ________sing so well.
3. Did you notice Pauline ________buy a present for someone?
4. We don't expect them________ return before lunchtime.
5. He doesn't want me_______climb the hill, he thinks it's dangerous.
6. The children were made __________clean the classroom.
7. Do your parents let you _________ sit up late?
8. Why wasn't Anna allowed __________go to Kate's party?
9. Watch those children_________dance!
10. James felt someone _________touch his hand in the dark.
11. I want him ________come back at 5.
12. We expect the train _______arrive on time.
Complete the sentences by putting the right verb in: to give, to make, to look, to take.
1. "I would like you to __________ down carefully what I'm telling you," said the
professor. 2. The crossword is very difficult but I'm not going to __________ up. 3. I've
asked my aunt to __________ after my pet while I'm away. 4. Betty __________after her
granny. She is a workaholic. 5. I ask you to __________ these tapes back to the laboratory.
6. It is necessary to read the article attentively, just __________ it through. 7. I'd like a
vegetarian pizza, please. And I'm going to __________ it away. 8. Let's __________ it up
and never quarrel again.
Translate these sentences from Russia into English.
Оксфорд – старый английский университетский город.
Алисе хотелось бы, чтобы учителя были добрые.
Я ожидаю, что ты будешь поступать по своему усмотрению (as you please)
Я никогда не видел, как эта девочка плачет.
Какого цвета глаза твоей сестры?
Позволь нам остаться с тобой.
Маленький Роберт сломал новую игрушку, прежде чем папа объяснил ему, как с ней
Мы все знали, что Колумб открыл Америку в 1492 году.
В воскресенье я буду готовить праздничный обед.