Контрольная работа "People and Society" 9 класс

Form 9 Unit 2
I. Use past simple or past progressive to complete the sentences.
1. We (walk) along the street when suddenly we (see) David. He (drive) a brand-new Chevrolet. 2. Mum
(sit) in the armchair for half an hour and then (fall) asleep. 3. Sarah told me she couldn’t recognise Steve.
He (be) very shy. 4. She (take) Andrew with her to show him what the club (be) like. 5. For some minutes
we (walk) in silence, then suddenly Mary (begin) laughing. 6. It (rain) all day yesterday. 7. It was early
spring. The sun (shine) in the blue sky, the trees (get) green and the birds (sing) songs. 8. Whenever I met
June she (talk) constantly about her illnesses. 9. When I (enter) the room Grandma (sit) in the armchair. 10.
Something was wrong. Ann (be) so quiet!
II. Use a, the or zero article to complete the sentences.
1. Jane, dear, there’s ___ Mr Davis wishing to speak with you on the phone. 2. ___ Uncle Jack often invites
us to his country house. 3. We were quite surprised to find ___ genuine Repin in that small picture gallery.
4. ___ poor Lizzy was left behind when the whole family went to the circus. 5. I’m proud of you: you have
acted as ___ true Davidson. 6. ___ sweet Ann never raises her voice at people.
III. Insert in, on, as, like to complete the sentences.
1. He really gets on my nerves. I can’t stand people ___ him. 2. I can’t sleep ___ a train or ___ a bus. 3.
Ann failed her driving test, ___ we expected. 4. I like driving ___ a car when the streets are not very busy.
5. She looks beautiful - ___ a princess. 6. During the war this hospital was used ___ a hospital. 7. I hate
weather ___ this. 8. Some sports, such ___ motor-racing, can be dangerous.
IV. Choose the right word in appropriate forms to complete the sentences.
1. In those days most of the party (join\unite) behind the leader. 2. During the strike the workers (join\unite)
in asking for a pay increase for everyone. 3. The accident happened just outside Philadelphia where the
two roads (join\unite). 4. What (join\unite) them was their love for art. 5. Our (policy\politics) here is to
employ only qualified staff. 6. The government is busy working out a new (policy\politics) on immigration.
7. The guests could talk about nothing but (policy\politics). 8. The University runs a course in modern
(policy\politics). 9. The president spoke on television about the new (economic\economical) programme.
10. An (economic\economical) car doesn’t use much petrol.
V. Complete the sentences with the right words in appropriate form from the box.
a) unite b) restrict c) reveal d) emergency e) inherit f) aim g) discontented h) flourish i) deal
j) significance k) emerge
1. The naughty boy ___ a stone at the little dog but his brother didn’t let him through it at the animal. 2. Mrs
Richardson ___ that estate from her grandparents. 3. They are absolutely ___ with the service given to
them. 4. He is a difficult man to ___ with. 5. The rose bushes are ___ in my garden. 6. That document is
really a great ___ . 7. The Adamses are a ___ family. 8. I know I shouldn’t have ___ your secret but
unfortunately I’ve done it. 9. The moon ___ from behind the clouds. 10. In case of ___ phone this number.
11. I decided to ___ myself to two pies or buns a day.
1. were walking, saw, was driving
2. was sitting, fell
3. was being
4. took, was
5. walked, began
6. was raining
7. was shining, were getting, were singing
8. was talking
9. entered, was sitting
10. was being
1. a
2. x
3. a
4. x
5. a
6. x
1. like
2. on, on
3. as
4. in
5. like
6. as
7. like
8. as
1. united
2. united
3. join
4. unites (united)
5. policy
6. policy
7. politics
8. politics
9. economic
10. economical
1. aimed
2. inherited
3. discontented
4. deal
5. flourishing
6. significance
7. united
8. revealed
9. emerged
10. emergency
11. restrict