Презентация "Special Days In Your Life" 10 класс

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Special Days In Your Life Терехова Марина Александровна, учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ №402

Контроль навыка говорения

Speaking. Monologue. (10th Form) Give a talk on special days in your life. Remember to discuss: •what traditions are kept up in your family •what your favourite holiday is, why •how you celebrate this holiday •keeping up family traditions is important, how. You will talk for 1.5-2 minutes. The examiner will listen until you have finished. Then she/he will ask you some questions. Warm up 1. What holidays are common for many countries? 2. What are the most popular holidays in Russia? 3. Do you enjoy celebrating holidays?

Карточка учителя-собеседника (экзаменатора)


Let the student talk for 1.5-2 minutes.

Ask only those questions which the student has not covered:

1. What traditions are kept in your family?

2. What is your favourite holiday? Why?

3. How do you celebrate this holiday?

4. Do you think keeping up family traditions is important? How?

Finally, you should ask each student the following:

-Is it important to keep up national traditions?

-Would you like to learn more about national traditions of different countries?

-Which of them would you like to take part in?