Тест "From the history of the USA" 8 класс

8 9 класс.
1. The word “America” means
a) the name of the country b) the name of the island c) the name of the 2 continents
2. Who discovered America?
a) Magelan b) Christopher Columbus c) the Pilgrim Fathers
3. When “The New World” was discovered?
a) in 1329 b) in 1492 c) in 1294
4. People know about Christopher Columbus
a) everything b) nothing c) some facts
5. Christopher Columbus was born
a) in Italy b) in Spain c) in France
6. Christopher Columbus lived all his life
a) in Italy b) in Spain c) in America
7. Christopher Columbus looked for
a) the new lands b) India c) China
8. The name of the new land was
a) the New Land b) the New World c) the West India
9. North America is
a) in island b) a country c) a continent
10. Christopher Columbus made … voyages to the New World.
a) 2 b) 3 c) 4
11. Christopher Columbus landed on the mainland of North America
a) in 1495 b) never c) 1493
12. The first English settlements appeared in North America.
a) in the 16
b) in the 17
c) in the 18
13. The Mayflowersailed to America
a) in 1610 b) in 1620 c) in 1630
14. Native Americans came from
a) Asia b) Africa c) Europe
15. Most Native Americans live now
a) in all parts of the USA b) on “reservations” c) in Greenland
16. There were … colonies in America in 1733.
a) 20 b) 13 c) 10
17. The Americans got their independence
a) in 1743 b) in 1733 c) in 1723
18. The story of the “Wild West” began…
a) in the 16
b) in the 18
c) in the 20
19. One of the famous traditions of Native Americans was
a) Thanksgiving Day b) a piace pipe c) earth houses
20. One of the famous traditions of the “Wild West” was …
a) cowboy clothes b) golden rush c) horse-race competition