Контрольная работа "Use of English"

Error Correction
Cross out the incorrect word in each sentence
1. James has been worked here for more than a year.
2. The bookshop is over there near to the bakery.
3. I believe what she does says.
4. She has been to living in London for the last two years.
5. We haven’t been to that restaurant for since a long time.
6. Laura is been visiting her grandparents at the weekend.
7. Sally has found a beautiful new flat yet.
8. What are you be doing tomorrow night?
9. I’m going to move into my new flat the next week.
10. Take some extra money in the case you need it.
11. Unless you do your homework? You will not be in trouble.
12. If you drop a coin in water? It will sinks.
13. I wasn’t be able to call you because your phone was
14. You should to stop eating junk food.
15. Amanda who was invited to the party by Jane.
16. I was agreed with everything they were saying.
17. Joyce, whose daughter lives next door, she works in the
18. Nina said me that she had a spare ticket for the concert.
19. She said she was starting her new job on the following
20. I was sure it was the right room but there was not nobody