Конспект урока "History of Australia" 8 класс

Тема:History of Australia
Цель: расширить лингвострановедческие знания учащихся, развивать навыки
монологической речи Задачи: формировать коммуникативные умения и речевые
навыки, обеспечивающие познавательно-коммуникативные потребности учащихся,
развивать языковые способности и устойчивый интерес к изучению английского
языка, развивать интеллектуальные способности (память, мышление, воля, эмоции и
т.д.), воспитывать уважения к языку и культуре других народов; воспитывать
самостоятельность при выполнении заданий.
Ход урока
I. Organization moment. The lesson aim
- Good morning , dear children. English is spoken in many countries of the world.
Do you know in what countries English is the national language?
- First of all it is Great Britain, and then you should remember about the United
States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
-Today we shall speak about one of the English-Speaking Countries. Look at this picture and
answer my questions:
- What country is it?
- Is it big or small?
- Is this an island or a continent?
- What oceans is this country washed by?
Well, let's speak about Australia.
II. Presentation new material
-Australia is the only country in the world that is also a continent. Australia lies between the
South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The official name of Australia is the
Commonwealth of Australia.The Commonwealth of Australia is a federal state within the
Commonwealth of Nations. Its territories are the continent of Australia, the island of
Tasmania and a number of smaller islands. The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation
of states. It has 6 states: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria
and Western Australia and two territories: the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern
Territory It has an area of about eight million square kilometres.
III Reading
-The history of Australia began many years ago.
Let's read the text about the history of Australia and then answer some questions (работа с
раздаточным материалом текст для чтения с охватом содержания).
History of Australia.
Geologically Australia is the most ancient of the continents. But for many centuries it was
marked on the maps as “terra incognita”.
The first man who reached the Australian coasts was Willem Jansz, a Dutch seaman. He
landed on the northern coast of the continent in 1606.
The northern and western coasts were investigated by the Dutch in the 17th century. The
sailors named the continent New Holland.
In 1770 James Cook, a British navigator, reached the coasts of Australia. He was the first to
investigate Australia and named a lot of its mountains and bays.It was then first used as a
colony for convicts (каторжник). Other settlements of a few settlers began to appear. Of
these settlements Sydney was the most important; but other smaller settlements for convicts
were in Tasmania, at Brisbane, and on the Swan River in Western Australia.
The early settlers were very cruel (жестокий) to the aborigines. They killed or drove them
away from their lands. The discovery of gold in 1851 brought many people to Australia and
the character of the colony began to change. But still, the raising (разведение) of sheep was
for a long time the most important occupation for the Australians.
Towards the end of the 19
century, the Australian colonies began to discuss some form of
union. They formed a federation, the new constitution was introduced on January 1, 1901;
and the birth of the new nation was celebrated.The discovery of gold also led to a large wave
of immigrants to the country. In 1900 the British colonies got the rights of states. In 1901
they united in a single state. That was the beginning of the modern Australia.Australia is a
constitutional monarchy like Great Britain. The nation is administered under written
constitution. The British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is also queen of Australia. But the
queen has little power in the Australian government.
IV Working with the text
-Answer the following questions.
1. What part of Australia was first used as a colony? (The east coast of Australia)
2. How did the early settlers behave towards the aborigines? (They killed or drove them
away from their lands)
3. Why did very many people go to Australia after 1851? (Because of the discovery of gold)
4. When was the new nation born in Australia?
-The largest cities of Australia. There are 5 big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne,
Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.
V. Writing
-Complete the diagram about Australia
Geographical position
Who was the investigator
of Australia
The official name The head of this country
VI. Vocabulary
-Read and translate these words
материк- страна-
древний- Содружество Наций-
мореплаватель- побережье-
поселенцы- государство-
VII Listening
- Look at the screen and see a n interesting facts about Australia.
VIII Speaking
-What did you understand? Discuss .
IX Homework.
-Write down the sentences and put True or False
1. Australia is the largest continent in the world.
2. The official name of the country is the Commonwealth of Australia.
3. There are 6 states in Australia.
4. The official language is French.
5. James Cook was the first to investigate Australia.
6. Queen Elizabeth II is also queen of Australia.
7. . Australia lies between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.
X Summing-up
-What have you known about Australia ?
Did you like our lesson?
Please write down:
I knew I have known I want to know
Ending the lesson. Marks
-Our lesson is over. Thank you for your work. Good-bye!