Контрольная работа "Direct and Indirect Speech"

Write the sentences in the Direct Speech.
1. They told us they had bought all the food.
2. She said they would pick her up at the bus stop at 6 a.m.
3. He told us he was coming back home on Tuesday.
4. The doctor told me I had to walk more often and play computer games less.
5. The professor told the students that they had done their test very well.
6. Our neighbours told Mum they went shopping last Sunday.
7. The trainer told Sam the competition would be held the day before yesterday.
8. The announcer told the listeners that the road had been blocked by the fallen
Write the sentences in the Direct Speech.
1. My friend wanted to know if I ate more fruit and vegetables.
2. The teacher asked Tom if he counted calories.
3. My friend wondered if I had used low- calorie foods.
4. My brother wanted to know if we were eating at night the day before yesterday.
5. My mother asked Ann what kind of food she preferred.
6. The doctor asked me if I had bad habits.
Change into Direct Speech.
1. He asked me what time it was.
2. She asked me if I had enjoyed myself.
3. She asked me what my name was.
4. My mother asked him if he was Russian.
5. My father asked her how old she was.
6. Bob asked me if I could tell him the flight number.
7. Jane asked me if she had traveled first class.
Передайте предложения в косвенной речи.
My friend said: “Watch this film
Sasha said: “Tune in the radio at 7 o’ clock tomorrow”
The doctor advised Nick: “Don’t eat fat food one month”
The librarian said to Tanya: “Listen to this story on the radio”
My elder sister said to me: “Don’t go to that concert”
Восстановите прямую речь в предложениях.
1. Uncle Misha said that he would take us to the country for our summer holidays.
2. I thought all the programmes would not be interesting.
3. Mary said she would look through all the adverts in the newspapers.
4. My Granny told me she would sew a new skirt for me the next week.
5. I told Ann that I would help her to bake a holiday cake.