Контрольная работа "Reported speech"

Variant- 1
1. Choose “tell” or “say”:
A) Could you (tell, say) me the time, please?
B) She (told, said) that she was a student.
C) (Tell, Say) me what you want.
D) Did he (tell, say) goodbye to his mother?
2. Change the speaker’s words into the Reported Speech:
Next year-
Last month-
3. Turn the statements into the Reported Speech:
a) He said: “I am very busy now”.
b) I said to him:” I don’t like coffee”.
c) “Mother is making dinner now”, said Helen to her little sister.
d) “Our teacher will check tests next week”, said my friend.
e) Sam said to his brother:”I wrote a letter to granny yesterday”.
f) She said:” I have already done my homework for tomorrow”.
4. Turn the direct commands into indirect ones:
a) Mrs. Smith said to her workers:” Work harder!”
b) A teacher said to the pupil:” Answer this question, please”.
c) “Don’t run away!” said Andrew to his dog.
d) Tim said to his friend:” Don’t wait for me today”.
5. Turn the speaker’s words into Reported Questions:
a) I asked him: ”Are you hungry?”
b) She asked her mother: ”Will you bye me this dress?”
c) Nick said to his friend:” Have you got a new DVD?”
d) The policeman asked the man: “What are you doing here?”
e) She said to me:” How long have you been reading these documents?”
f) “Why did you visit this country?” Sam asked his guest.