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REPORTED SPEECH 1 variant 1. Dick said to his father, ‘Pass me the sugar, please.’ 2. Mrs. Mass said to her friend, ‘Do you like coffee with or without sugar?’ 3.Tom said to his brother, ‘Don’t play in the street.’ 4. Nancy said to her mother, ‘What is the weather going to be today?’ 5. The mother said to her son, ‘Where did you find this novel?’ 6. Lucy said, ‘I was born in 1984 in Riga.’ 7. John said to Sam, ‘Can you swim very well?’ 8. Mother said to Mike, ‘Have you had breakfast, dear?’ 9. ‘My brother likes reading Pushkin’s poems’, said Misha. 10. Misha said, ‘I saw them at my parents’ house last year.’ 11. She said to Boris, ‘When will you be back home?’ REPORTED SPEECH 1 variant 1. Dick told his father to pass the sugar. 2. Mrs. Mass asked her friend if she liked coffee with or without sugar. 3. Tom told his brother not to play in the street. 4. Nancy asked her mother what the weather was going to be that day. 5. The mother asked her son where he had found the novel. 6. Lucy said that she was born in 1984 in Riga. 7. John asked Sam if he could swim very well. 8. Mother asked Mike if he had had breakfast. 9. Misha said that his brother liked reading Pushkin’s poems. 10. Misha said that he had seen them at his parents’ house the year before. 11. She asked Boris when he would be back home. REPORTED SPEECH 2 variant 1. The tourist said to a policeman, ‘How can I get to the Art Gallery?’ 2. ‘Don’t be afraid of my dog’, said the man to Kate. 3. My mother said to me, ‘Buy some meat in the shop’. 4. She said to Nick, ‘Will you read this book in the 11th year?’ 5. Nick said, ‘I have never been to London.’ 6. He said to me, ‘Where are they staying now?’ 7. He said to me, ‘Have you received a letter from your uncle?’ 8. My dad said to us, ‘I buy several newspapers every day.’ 9. I asked my friend, ‘How long did you stay in Sochi last year?’ 10. They said to him, ‘What time does the train start?’ 11. He said to us, ‘Did you go to the museum this morning?’ REPORTED SPEECH 1. Anna told us that she had finished her homework. 2. George said that he would be back at 6.00 the next day. 3. Paul said that he wanted to make a phone call. 4. ‘I’ve lost the map and I don’t know the way’, said Jack. 5. ‘I’m doing my geography project now but I won’t be long’, said Mike. 6. ‘I got up late yesterday and I missed the bus’, said Richard. 7. John asked us if we often went sailing. 8. Kate asked me how many German books I had read. 9. She asked me if the London train stopped there. 10. ‘What does ‘otter’ mean?’, I asked my teacher. 11. ‘Did you remember to lock the door?’, my father asked me. 12. ‘Why have you turned off the television?’, Ellen asked me. 13. ‘What’s the time? (could) 14. ‘How much does this cost?’ (wonder) 15. ‘Is this Trafalgar Square?’ (like)