Проверочная работа "Косвенная речь" 10 класс

Проверочная работа по теме
«Косвенная речь» к учебнику 10
класса “Enjoy English
Put these statements into Reported
1) ‘I can’t swim very well’, I said.
2) Andrew said: ’I don’t want to go
3) ‘I’ll phone you later’, Sarah said.
4) Annie said:‘I’m hungry’.
5) I told him: ‘I don’t like tea’.
6) Olaf said: ‘My father does a lot of
business with England’.
7) The woman said: ‘I will pay you
two pounds’.
8) She said to Lilian: ‘You can come
with me’
9) He said: ‘I don’t think it will be
10) My friend told me: ‘You can go
there for a year’.
11) She said: ‘Nothing will make me
do it’.
12) Mike said: ‘My friend is a painter’.
13) She said: ‘I am good at painting’.
14) ’I will have lunch on Saturday’, he
15) The teacher said: ‘I will give you a
new task on Reported Speech’.