Конспект урока "Home reading. Five on the Treasure Island" 8 класс

Test. Home reading. Five on the Treasure Island. 8 form
I. Choose the correct answer.
1. The story is set in … .
a) Australia b) England c) the USA
2. George is a … .
a) girl b) boy c) dog
3. Kirrin Island belonged to … .
a)George b) Timothy c)George’s cousins
4. You could get to Kirrin Island by … .
a) car b) plane c) boat
5. There was a … on the island.
a) church b) hotel c) ruined castle
6. The wreck is a … .
a) broken ship b) rock c) bird
7. The children found … on the wreck.
a) a map b) gold c) rabbits
8. … wanted to sell the island.
a) Uncle Quentin b) George c) Julian
9. The children found ingots in the … .
a) Kirrin cottage b) dungeons c) well
10. Ingots are … .
a) bars of gold b) kind of fish c) plants
II. Answer the questions.
1. Why did Georgina want everybody to call her George?
2. Where did George keep her dog? Why?
3. What did the storm do with the old wreck?
4. What did the children find in the ruined ship?
5. How could the children open the box?
6. What did the children find behind the wooden door in the dungeons?
7. Who came to the island and why?
8. How did Dick get to the dungeons?
9. What gave the children a shock when they came to their boat?
10. What ‘present’ did George ask her father for?