Тест "Learning more about London" 5 класс

Task 1.
Прочитайте небольшие тексты про достопримечательности Лондона и соотнесите их с названиями.
Заполните таблицу.
A. The Tower of London
B. Buckingham Palace
C. Westminster Abbey
D. Tower Bridge
1. The Queen of Britain has her home there. She lives there when she is in London. At half
past eleven most mornings the soldiers change the Guard. It takes about thirty minutes, and
hundreds of visitors come to watch.
2. Nowadays it is the museum, and one of London's most famous buildings. More than two
million people visit it every year. You can see the Crown Jewels, and visit the Bloody Tower
and the White Tower. You can also take a walk round the wall and perhaps see one of the
London's famous black birds: the ravens.
3. It is near the Tower of London. It is one of the most famous bridges in the city and first
built in 1894. It opens and ships go up and down the River Thames.
4. It is more than eight hundred years old. It was built in 1065 by King Edward. Now it is a
famous English church. It is the symbol of England. After William the Conqueror, every
King and Queen of Britain has the coronation there. Some famous English people are also
buried there.
Task 2.
Прочитайте текст и установите предложения после текста как true (T) - верное, false (F) - неверное,
not stated (NS) - не сказано в тексте. Заполните таблицу.
London's Shops
London is one of the most famous and interesting cities in Europe. It is well-known for
its museums, theaters, art galleries, parks, palaces and of course, shops.
The most famous shop in London (and some people say the most famous in the world)
- Harrods, in Knightsbridge. It opened in 1849.
Oxford street has many big shops - Selfridges, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis,
Debenhams. There are always lots of people looking at the shops here, but at Christmas
thousands more people come to see the wonderful Christmas lights - and to buy things for
their friends and family for Christmas.
Charing Cross Road is famous for its bookshops. There are lots of them and they sell
old and new books. One of the oldest and most famous is Foyles. It has thousands of books.
Covent Garden was once a big food market, but now it has lots of small shops and
There are two very famous markets in London. Petticoat Lane market opens on
Sundays. It is a good place to buy cheap clothes and things for the home. At the market at
Portobello Road (open on Saturdays) you can buy old clocks, old chairs and tables, and
hundreds of other things.
1. There are a lot of places to visit and to see in London.
2. London's shop well-known all over the world began its
work in 1849.
3. People come in Oxford Street at Christmas time to have
a talk with Santa.
4. In Marks and Spencer people always buy smart clothes.
5. Foyles is a famous shops where you can buy old and new
6. Covent Garden was once a big food market, but then the
Queen of Britain opened cafes there.
7. Petticoat Lane market and Portobello Road work from 9.00 till 6.00 every day
except Saturday and Sunday.