Тест "Past Simple и Present Perfect" 7 класс

Test for 7 form.
I Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect.
1) “Where is Ann?” “She (to go) out.
2) We (to buy) a new car. Do you want to see it?
3) ____you ever (to be) to London?
4) I (to read) a very interesting story today
5) “Are you coming home now?” “No, I’m going to be late. I’m (not finish) my work yet.”
II Write please the letter in the Present Perfect.
Dear Tom, a lot of things (happen) since I last wrote to you.
1) I (to read) “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll.
2) We (to build) a new house in the country.
3) I (to learn) a lot of new words.
4) I (to read) five books.
5) I (to see) a new film about the USA.
6) My Dad is a writer. He (to write) a new book.
Buy, John.
III Past Simple or Present Perfect?
1) We______________a holiday last year.
a) hadn`t b)didn`t have c) haven’t played
2) I_________________football yesterday afternoon.
a) played b) have played c) haven’t played
3) What time___________to bed last night?
a) did you go b) where you go c) have you gone
4) _________you ever________a famous person?
a) Did……meet b) Were…..meet c) Have…. Meet
5) The weather_____________very good yesterday.
a) didn`t be b) wasn`t c) hasn`t been
6) Kate travels a lot. She many ____________countries.
a) visited b) has visited c) have visited
7) William Shakespeare____________from 1564
a) lived b) has lived c) didn`t lived
8) How long ____________in Moscow?
a) did you be b) were you c) have you been
9) “Is Ann here?” “No, she____________yet.”
a) didn`t come b) haven’t come c) hasn`t come
10) Where_______________on Sunday afternoon?
a) were you b) did you be c) have you been