Тест "Present simple, present progressive, present perfect"

Present simple, present progressive, present perfect.
1.People usually … a flower show.
a) are visiting
b) visit
c) have visited
2.Visitors always … souvenirs.
a) buy
b) are buying
c) have bought
3.The people …in funny competitions since the first celebrations.
a) are taking part
b) have taken part
c) take part
4. The children and their parents … Russian food now.
a) eat
b) have eaten
c) are eating
5. Children and their parents sometimes … pet shows.
a) are visiting
b) have visited
c) visit
6. People …to folk music at the moment.
a) have listened
b) are listening
c) listen
7. I … a beautiful flower now.
a) see
b) have seen
c) am seeing
8. Children and their parents … a folk concert now.
a) enjoy
b) are enjoying
c) have enjoyed
9. They … chocolate for 200 years.
a) are making
b) make
c) have made
10. It’s wonderful in the park! He… bird’s singing now.
a) is hearing
b) hear
c) have heard