Презентация "Present Perfect Progressive"

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Present Perfect Progressive
  • 9 GRADE
Настоящее совершенное продолженное время (Present Perfect Progressive)
  • Употребляется:
  • - для действия , начавшегося в прошлом и продолжающегося до сих пор.
  • I have been watching TV for 2 hours.
  • -для обозначения действия, начавшегося в прошлом и только что закончившегося.
  • Jane, I can’t answer the call. My hands are dirty. I’ve been working in the garden.
Present Perfect Progressive
  • Have
  • + been + V-ing
  • Has
  • For – в течение какого-то времени
  • Since –с какого-то времени
1.Объедините мысль двух предложений в одну с помощью for или since.
  • E.g. Ann is learning to play the piano. She began learning it 6 month ago.
  • Ann has been learning to play the piano for 6 month.
  • 1.Liz is working in the USA. She began working there in January.
  • 2.Mike is still playing chess. He began doing it at 5 p.m.
  • 3.Silvia is doing her homework. She began doing it 2 hours ago.
  • 4.Ann is unwell. She felt bad last week.
  • 5.Your friend is waiting for you. She came here 30 minutes ago.
2.Задайте вопросы к данным предложениям.
  • E.g. Your friend writes poems. How long has he been writing poems?
  • 1.Jimmy plays tennis very well. How long…?( play)
  • 2.You look tired. How long…?( work)
  • 3.Tom is making a car model. How long…?(do)
  • 4.I can’t find my key. How long…?( look for)
  • 5. Linda lives in West Street. How long…?( live)
3.Вставьте Present Perfect или Present Perfect Progressive.
  • 1.I haven’t __any English books in the original lately. (read)
  • 2.Sally has__ to swim for 2 month already. (learn)
  • 3.How many pages of the book have you __?( read)
  • 4.Jane has __tennis since 2 o’clock.( play)
  • 5.Somebody has__ my pen. (break)