Тест "Present Simple, Present Continuous" 5 класс

Surname ---------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Open the brackets.
1. We (to skate) in winter.-----------------------------------------------------------------------
2. I (to eat) now. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3. There (to be) two apples on the table.----------------------------------------------------
4. Tom (to have) got two brothers.------------------------------------------------------------
5. You (to be) busy.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6. A girl (to swim) now.---------------------------------------------------------------------------
7. There (to be) some juice in the glass a minute ago.------------------------------------
8. They (to have) got many toys.---------------------------------------------------------------
9. Mary (to like) eggs for breakfast.-----------------------------------------------------------
10. The children (to go) to the park yesterday.-----------------------------------------------
11. They (to do) it tomorrow.---------------------------------------------------------------------
2. Make the sentences negative and interrogative
1. We want to play with a kitten now. (Who)
2. He is cleaning his teeth now. (When)
3. My brother has got a car. (What)
4. I am happy.
5. Their little sister likes to run and jump. (When)
6. Bob saw an interesting film last week. (What film)
7. Mother will cook a cake on Sunday. (Why)