Презентация "Health care in Russia"

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Health care in Russia. There are 2 types of health services in Russia. The first is a social service. In Russia it is free of charge. Social health services are accessible to the majority of the population. Social security is organized by the state. But it is of satisfactory quality. Because the state spends not enough money. Public hospitals suffer from the shortage of skilled doctors,old equipment If you do not wish to stand in a queue, go to private clinics. Private health services are of high quality. In most private clinics you will not see queues. There you will be well cured. In private clinics the best doctors work, the equipment is the best. But the price in such health services is high. You should pay absolutely for all: for diagnostics, consultation, treatment and other services. Some private clinics deceive their patients. They put uncorrect diagnoses, and appoint wrong treatment. Today the majority of people choose free of charge social medical service. Private medical service is chosen only by rich people. Each type of medical service has good and bad points, and which one to choose is up to you. AUTHOR
  • Galiev Ruslan
  • 11th grade school №40
  • Naberezhnye Chelny
  • teacher Kozina Maria Alexandrovna