Презентация "A subculture... Writers"

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  • A subculture... Writers
  • Writer-is the person who engaged graffiti.
  • A synonym «writer» is the word graffitier.
  • Graffiti – it is inscriptions or pictures on walls of buildings, on fences and other vertical surfaces. Sometimes – the form of folk-lore. It is considered one of kinds of self-expressions of youth.
  • Graffiti has existed since ancient times.
  • The first writer in history it is considered Taki183.
  • Basically he was engaged tagging. His tag could be seen practically in any part of New York. Tagging- it is fast drawing of inscriptions on surfaces in public places. Tagging it also a label of a place («I here was»).
  • Skilled writers can write tag for 2-3 seconds (3-4 letters).
  • Professional writers earn money painting various clubs, shops or stands.
  • Modern graffiti on train.
  • Drawing graffiti on buildings without the permission of owners is treated in criminal law of many countries as vandalism.
  • In some countries of the Europe necessary to receive the license to draw graffiti.
  • Sometimes graffiti is employed to communicate social and political messages.
  • Examples of modern graffiti styles
  • The main thing for writer is the culture graffiti .Writer should not spoil the valuable buildings.
  • It was done by Anna Serebryakova