Презентация "Welcome to Russia!" 9 класс

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Project «Welcome to Russia!» I like to present a project «Welcome to Russia!» This project was done by Nikonova Julia. Russia is a vast country and the climate varios very much. I chosen this topic because Russia my country. I love my Russia and I want to tell about it. My project is about landscapes people and climate of Russia. All this landscapes can be found in different parts of Russia Harsh climate is typical of Russia Mountaineous areas are typical of Russia Vast prairie lands are typical of Russia Heavy forests are typical of Russia. Nature has not been kind to Russia. Much of European Russia and Siberia is very cold most of the year. The harsh climate explains the Russians strength, their patience and submission. Climate has also made them cautious. I opinion to understand the Russians, one must know where they come from. The illustrations of my project are great, beautiful, educational.