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Christmas in Britain

Christmas is the main public holiday in Britain, when people spend time at home with their families, eat special food and drink a lot. Christmas is the Christian festival to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. History. Although Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, the actual date of Christ`s birth is not known. The earliest Christians did not even set aside a special day for observing the Nativity, or Christ`s birth. For more than three centuries Christ`s Mass was a movable feast. The celebration of Christ`s birth on December 25th began in Rome in 4th century. It replaced the two pagan celebrations – the festival of rebirth of the sun and the feast of the god Saturn. That is why it is not surprising that so many Christmas customs go back to pagan times. From Rome, the December holiday spread to Christians everywhere. For several centuries Christmas was kept only as a church festival. Gradually, however, it became a public holiday marked by feasting and merrymaking. In 1644 the English puritans forbade the keeping of Christmas by Act of Parliament, on the grounds that it was a pagan festival. It was revived when Charles II came to throne in 1660. Long before Christmas time shops become very busy, because a lot of people buy Christmas present. A lot of money is spent on the presents, but people enjoy it. Every day television and newspapers say how many days are left before Christmas. People also buy Christmas cards to send to their friends and relatives. The cards have the words Merry Christmas and pictures of the birth of Christ, Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, a robin, or scenes of old-fashioned Christmases. Christmas tree. The Christmas tree that now spreads its lighted and decorated brunches every year in so many different countries came originally from Germany. In pre-Christian time’s evergreens, plants that remain green all the year round were worshipped as symbols of eternal life. In medieval Germany an evergreen hung with apples was part of a Christmas play about the Garden of Eden. The first trees had no candles. On Christmas Eve some people go to the special church service called Midnight Mass which starts at the 12 o’clock at night. Houses are usually decorated with lights and branches of needle-leaf trees. Young children are told that Santa Claus will bring them presents if they are good. Before going to bed on Christmas Eve the children hang stockings at the back of their beds, for Santa Claus to put the presents in when he comes in the middle of night through the chimney. In churches people sing Christmas carols – special religious songs. Sometimes groups of people walk about the streets and sing carols at the doors of houses. One of the well-know carols is “Silent Night”. Christmas is the day when people stay at home, open their presents and eat and drink together. The most important meal is Christmas dinner. They typical meal consists of turkey with potatoes and other vegetables, followed by a Christmas pudding. Boxing Day. In Britain, the day after Christmas day is called boxing day and is also a public holiday. Until relatively recently December 25th was the traditional day to give presents. Servants, milkmen, postmen were given boxes with money. Boys from the shops went from house to house with wooden boxes and asked for money. This was a Christmas present. Now it is the time to visit friends and relatives or watch football. In the United States many stores hold special sales on the day after Christmas, where things can be bought cheaply. I heard the bells on Christmas Day, Their old familiar carols play, And wild and sweet The words repeat Of peace on earth, good will to men.

Christmas Message

Why do bells of Christmas ring? Why do bells of Christmas ring? Why do little children sing? Once a lovely shining star, Seen by shepherds from afar, Gently moved until its light Made a manger `s cradle bright. There a darling baby lay Sleeping softly on the hay; And his mother sang and smiled: “This is Christ, the holy Child!” Therefore bells of Christmas ring, Therefore little children sing. Not all English people celebrate New Year. A lot of people go to the Trafalgar Square to see the New Year tree. They have a New Year party at home. On that day they wish their dearest and nearest a “Happy New Year”. When Big Ben strikes twelve they drink a toast to the New Year.

New Year in Britain


Father Frost is tall with noisy voice. He wears warm sheepskin coat, hat and stick. He has got grey moustaches, long beard harsh look. Our Father Frost has got wife – Winter and granddaughter Snow. He prefers good children and gifts presents. His address is: house Father Frost, Velikiy Ustug, Volgograd region, Russia, 162390. And in England Santa Claus is. He wears a red coat, glasses, a hubcap and a wide belt with a buckle. This old man rides on magic deer, smokes a tube and laughs: “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Santa prefers making a way in a house through the stove pipe. His address is Santa Claus, Arctic Circle, 96930, Rovaniemi, Finland. A health to you, A wealth to you, And the best that life can give to you.


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