Презентация "Breakfast"

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My breakfast, your breakfast
  • Breakfast
  • See what children from all over the world say about breakfast.
  • What is the same about how you and these children have breakfast?
  • What is different?
  • Before school I have breakfast. I’ll probably have rice pudding or cornflakes and chocolatey milk.
  • At morning break I might have a snack of cake and juice. At the end of break I usually clean my teeth under a tap in the playground.
  • Luis from Mexico
  • Photo: Oxfam
  • We don't have any food at school. I get hungry, especially at lunchtime. I don't have breakfast before I go, or any tea.
  • 16249/Geoff Sayer/Oxfam
  • Caroline from Uganda
  • Most of my friends don't eat in the morning, and if they do, it only makes them feel more hungry during the day. I'm happiest when I'm at school.
My school starts early in the morning so I don’t have much time for breakfast. Dadu (my granddad) and I sit and have some milk and biscuits or chocolate cereal.
  • Yamini from India
  • Photo: Oxfam
  • When I wake up in the morning, I wash, pound millet for my breakfast and then go to school. I study and then come back home.
  • 30011/Ami Vitale/Oxfam
  • Mouna from Mali
  • Who eats breakfast?
  • Which children eat breakfast?
  • Who do you think eats a healthy breakfast?
  • Whose breakfast is easy to get or make?
  • Who doesn’t eat breakfast?
  • Yamini
  • Caroline
  • Luis
  • Mouna
  • Why doesn’t everyone eat breakfast?
  • Many children all over the world do not eat breakfast.
  • There are many reasons for this.
  • What do you think they are?
  • Discuss with a partner and write down your ideas.
  • Reasons why children do not eat breakfast
  • Newsround reported the main reasons children in the UK do not eat breakfast:
  • I oversleep
  • I don't like it
  • I never have the time
  • I want to lose weight
  • I just don't want it
          • news.co.uk/cbbcnews
  • What other reasons have you thought of?
What do you know about breakfast?
  • TASK: in small groups, make a mind map about breakfast, which highlights:
  • The variety of breakfasts eaten around the world
  • How people get their breakfasts
  • Why some people do not eat breakfast
Why doesn’t everyone eat breakfast?
  • Discuss the question:
  • Why don’t some children eat breakfast?
KS2 Extension: Food prices increase
  • The prices of some food around the world almost doubled between 2006 and 2008!
  • What impact do you think this had on children eating breakfast?
  • The World Bank