Проверочная работа "Town Life. London” 4 класс

Верещагина 4. “Town Life. London.”
1. Open the braсkets, make the right choice.
Betsy 1( like, likes ) to read very much. Her favourite subjects at
school 2( am, is, are ) History and Geography. Look! Betsy 3( opened,
has just opened, opens ) her book and 4( goes, is going, go ) 5( to read,
reads, read ) out something about London. Would you like 6( learn, to
learn, learns ) something about London? Here 7( am, is, are ) the first
page of Betsy’s book.
London is the 8( biggest, smallest, most big ) city in Britain. More than
seven million people 9( lives, live, will live ) and work there.
In London you can find 10( some, any, no ) of the 11( best, good, worst )
theatres, cinemas and museums. There 12( am, is, are ) about 10 thousand
streets in London. Most of the streets 13( am, is, are ) not very wide.
2. Make the right choice.
1. Let me show you the way. Walk … the corner and then turn … left.
a) in, to the b) in, to c) to, to the d) up, on the
2. He’s watered the trees in his garden, ..?
a) isn’t he b) has he c) hasn’t he d) wasn’t he
3. Last Sunday I … the National Gallery.
a) visit b) visited c) have visited d) am visiting
4. Look! The dinner is ready. My sister … it!
a) cooked b) have cooked c) has cooked d) is going to cook
5. - … the front door of our country house?
- Yes, I have.
a) Are you locked b) Have you locked c) Did you lock
6. I’m … we are … for school.
a) busy, afraid b) afraid, busy c) happy, free d) afraid, late
7. Our last school year … on Monday.
a) are beginning b) has begun c) begin d) began
8. I haven’t bought a new car … .
a) still b) also c) yet d) already
9. Have you … read the book … ?
a) already, yet b) already, - c) -, yet d) just, ever
10. How long does it … you to get to school?
a) become b) lead c) come d) take
11. Where does this wide street ..?
a) go b) come c) take d) lead
12. You can see a famous monument … Pushkin in one of
Moscow squares.
a) of b) to c) - d) with
13. I have already been to New York … .
a) last year b) this summer c) next autumn d) every morning
14. Trafalgar Square is not in the centre of … London.
a) -, - b) The, - c) - , the d) The, the
15. Tverskaya Street … to Manezhnaya Square.
a) lead b) has already led c) is leading d) leads
16. Have you … seen the Queen?
a) never b) ever c) yet d) since
3. Write the same in English.
1. Я никогда не был в Лондоне.
2. Как часто вы ходите в театр?
3. Она приготовила обед.
4.Он уже прочитал эту книгу.
5. Моя сестра собирается стать певицей.
6. В комнате было темно.
7. Москва – столица России.
8. Вы когда-нибудь видели королеву?
9. Куда ведёт эта широкая улица?
10. Мне требуется двадцать минут, чтобы добраться до музея.
11. Много новых зданий в Москве.
12. Где живёт королева Англии?
4. She has decorated the hall.
5. 1. church
2. just
3. bridge
4. building
5. rich
6. place
7. city