Контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс Unit 1

Контрольная работа по английскому языку 10 класс Unit 1
1.Present Perfect.
Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильной форме (Present Perfect.)
1. He _____ (finish) training.
2. That's amazing! She _____ (run) fifteen kilometers this morning!
3. Oh, no! I _____ (lose) my money!
4. My mum _____ (write) shopping list. It's on the kitchen table
5. Mary _____ (study) hard this year, so she'll pass her exams
6. The garden is very green. It _____ (rain) a lot this month.
7. Tom's my best friend. I _____ (know) him for three years.
8. They _____ (live) in Miami for two years.
9. Jo has earache. He _____ (have) it since 7 o'clock.
10. Brad _____ (live) in Chicago since 1998.
2.Пользуясь опорными словами, a также предлогами for и since составьте
предложения в Present Perfect Simple.
1. Kate/be/in bed/a long time.
2. She / not eat / anything / this morning.
3. She / not see / her friends / a week.
4. She / stay / at home / Tuesday.
5. She / have / a red nose / three days.
6. She / not play / basketball / last weekend.
7. She / not do / any school work / Monday.
3. Reported speech ( commands, requests, instructions, suggestions).
Выбери правильный вариант перевода.
1)Том сказал: "Я предлагаю пойти в кино".
а) Tom suggested going to the cinema.
Б)Tom suggested to go to the cinema.
2) Он попросил меня: " Принеси книгу".
А)Ha asked me to bring the book.
Б)He asked bringing the book.
3)Мама сказала мне : " Вымой посуду".
А)My mother told me to wash the dishes.
Б)My mother told wash the dishes.
4)Учитель приказал не говорить так громко.
А)The teacher ordered not to speak so loudly.
Б)The teacher ordered do not to speak so loudly.
5)Я предложила посмотреть DVD.
А)I suggested that we should watch DVD.
Б)I suggested that we would watch DVD.
4. Тренировочные упражнения для закрепления конструкции " I wish"
I wish+past verb form
Подчеркните верный вариант.
1) I wish he... (will get/got/would get) on better with his parents.
2) I wish you... (stopped/will stop/ would stop) talking at the lessons.
3) I wish I... (have/ had/had had) more money.
4) I wish I ... (had been / hadn't been / weren't) disappointed after such an inspiring
speech yesterday.
5) If only you ... (had been / would be / were) tolerant of each other's moods in your
family! You would get on better.
6) I wish I... (had learnt / learnt / have learnt) to trust my own judgments in my
5. Match the parts of the sentences (Соедините части предложения)
If he arrived, I would tell her the story.
If I saw her, I would go on vacation.
If I finished the work this week, I would plant the vegetables.
If it rained next week, he would hear the news.
6. C hoose the correct form (выбери правильный ответ)
1.If you spoke a foreign language, you_____ a better job.
a) could get b) can get c) have got
2.If I _____ the time, I would go to the beach this weekend.
a) have had b) had c) was
3.If I had a lot of money, I _______ round the world.
a) would travel b) did travel c) can travel
4. If I ______ you, I would drive more carefully in the rain.
a) was b) have been c) were
7.Make up sentences from these words.( составь предложения)
1. who/ James/ it/ phoned/ was/ yesterday/ you.
2. the/ in/ we/ cinema/ is/ they/ it/ the/ that/ met.
3. listening/ Simon/ is/ who/ the/ at/ to/ it/ is/ moment/ music.
4. our/ makes/ is/ who/ daughter/ it/ proud/ us.
5. it/ barking/ woke/ the/ was/ dog’s/ that/ up/ me.