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Great Patriotic

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The letters from the front

Do the quiz and use the following information in your conversation.
  • in 1939
  • in 1941
  • in 1942

When did the Great

Patriotic War begin?

The German invasion of the Soviet Union, code-named 'Operation Barbarossa', started early on June 22, 1941.
  • The German invasion of the Soviet Union, code-named 'Operation Barbarossa', started early on June 22, 1941.
  • The motto of the Soviet Union was to stop the enemy at all costs.
  • The four-year-long war claimed the lives of nearly 30 million Soviet people.

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  • the battle of Moscow
  • the battle of Stalingrad
  • the Kursk battle

Which was the first major battle

of the Soviet Army?

The Battle of Moscow was one of the greatest battles of the war against Nazi.
  • The Battle of Moscow was one of the greatest battles of the war against Nazi.
  • The defenсe of the capital was a moral victory for all Soviet people.
  • The battles for Moscow, Stalingrad and Kursk were three of the most important events in the Great Patriotic War.

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  • 100
  • 150
  • 200

How many days did

the battle of Stalingrad last?

July 1942- February 1945

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The battle for the city of Stalingrad lasted for 200 days and ended in the defeat of the 330-thousand-strong group of Nazi and Romanian troops. There was a fight for every house. Soviet soldiers held defence of the Pavlov house for 59 days.

How long was the siege of Leningrad?
  • a year
  • 900 days
  • 200 days

September 1941 –

January 1944

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This was certainly the most tragic period in the history of the city. It was full of suffering and heroism. The blockade took the lives of more than 600 thousand people. Despite these tragic losses and the inhuman conditions the city did not surrender.

What heroes of the Great Patriotic War do you know? During the war 1635 people received the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Alexander Matrosov

Ivan Kozhedub

Nikolay Gastello

Alexander Pokryshkin

Alexey Maresyev

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What Hero Cities do you know?

Each of the Hero Cities was honored for it's great heroism, sacrifice and role in the eventual defeat of fascist invaders during the Great Patriotic War.

13 Hero Cities














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What famous military commanders do you know?





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Generals of the Red Army

Which order of the Great Patriotic War is this?
  • The order of the Red Banner
  • The order of the Red Star
  • The order of Victory


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The Order of Victory was the highest military award in the Soviet Union and one of the rarest orders in the world. In its history, it has been awarded twenty times to thirteen Soviet leaders and five foreign leaders.

When did the Great Patriotic War end?
  • April 1945
  • May 1945
  • September 1945

We celebrate Victory Day with joy and tears. People pay tribute to those who fought in the Great Patriotic War. On this day flowers are laid on graves, and war veterans go out wearing their medals and orders. Parades and marches are held in almost all towns.

The 9th of May

How many letters were delivered during the war time? 1) 6 billion 2) 6 million 3) 60 thousand Why did the letters have an unusual triangular shape? Why were the postmen men, not women? Why were all the letters censored? Why were the letters important then? Why are they important now?

Теркин пишет

…И могу вам сообщить

Из своей палаты,

Что, большой любитель жить,

Выжил я, ребята.

И хотя натер бока,

Належался лежнем,

Говорят, зато нога

Будет лучше прежней.

И намерен я опять

Вскоре без подмоги

Той ногой траву топтать,

Встав на обе ноги…

Озабочен я сейчас

Лишь одной задачей,

Чтоб попасть в родную часть,

Никуда иначе.

Imagine that you have received a letter from Vassili Tyorkin

who writes :

….It was a very hard battle, but we had won. Now I am at the hospital because of my leg. I don’t think that it is a problem. I survived and very glad. Sometimes I try to find the answers to some questions. What would our world be like without any war? What must humanity do to live in peace?…

Write a letter to Vassili Tyorkin . In your letter: • answer his questions • ask 3 questions about his stay in a hospital Write 100—140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.