Итоговая работа в рамках промежуточной аттестации для 6 классов с углубленным изучением английского

Итоговая работа в рамках
промежуточной аттестации для 6
классов с углубленным изучением
г. Нижний Новгород
2020-2021 уч.год
Пояснительная записка
Итоговая контрольная работа предназначена для проведения промежуто
чной аттестации по английскому языку в 6 классе.
Задания составлены на базе учебного материала УМК Starlight 6
К.М. Барановой, Д. Дули, В.В. Копыловой, Э. Вирджиния.
Контрольная работа состоит из 2 разделов.
Раздел ЧТЕНИЕ. Проверяется умение понимать основное содержание ауте
нтичного текста (ознакомительное чтение);
умение извлекать необходимую информацию из прочитанного текста
(просмотровое/поисковое чтение), использовать различные приемы языковой
переработки текста: языковую догадку, анализ.
Раздел ЛЕКСИКА и ГРАММАТИКА. Проверяется умение распознавать и уп
отреблять в речи глаголы в наиболее употребительных
временных формах (Present Simрle, Present Continuous,
Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Perfect), выбирать подходящую по смыслу
лексическую единицу.
1 вариант
1. Use the Present Simple or the Present Continuous
of the verbs in brackets.
1. Look! The sun______(shine) brightly and it______(be)
rather warm.
2. Everybody______(know) that the Moon_______(go)
around the Earth.
3. -What Mr. Green______(do)?-He______(be) a doctor. He______(work) in a
4. -______(you, look) for something? - Yes! I______(try)
to find my gloves.
5. I______(believe) Jack______(think) of buying a new
2. Open the brackets using the Present Simple, Present Continuous or
Future Simple.
1. Mary______(cook) dinner as soon as she 2.______(be)
through with her homework.
3. It______(be) 7 o’clock now. I 4.______(not, know) when
he 5.______(return) and whether he 6.______(come) at all.
3. Change the verbs in brackets and use them in correct forms (infinitives
or gerunds).
Example: Do you fancy (have) some ice cream? - Do you fancy having some ice
1. How about (make) an apple pie?
2. (Eat) fruit is healthy for you.
3. I’d like (have) a tuna salad, please.
4. I can’t stand (eat) onions.
5.Jane decided (order) lamb chops.
4. Choose the correct answer.
1. We took/made/did a lot of photos during the safari.
2. During the expedition, we swam/surfed/trekked ten
hours a day.
3. Backpacking/Cycling/Sailing is the best way to travel - like a tortoise with
your home on your back!
4. The Red Sea has beautiful coral rocks/reefs/stones close to the shore.
5. I’d love to go camping/trekking/sailing, but Mum
doesn’t like sleeping in a tent.
5. Read the text and mark the statements True (T), False F (F) or Not Stated
Thomas Alva Edison
Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847, the USA. He was the
seventh and last child of Samuel and Nancy Edison. When he was young, he went
to school only for a few months. His teachers disliked him because the boy always
asked a lot of questions. So he was taught reading, writing, and arithmetic by his
mother. But Thomas was always a very curious child and taught himself much by
reading scientific and technical books.
Thomas Edison began working at an early age. At 12 he sold fruit, snacks and
newspapers on a train. Later he became a telegraph operator. But he was fired from
his job because he became bored and started playing jokes on his boss. So Edison
decided to change his profession and he became one of the most talented inventors
the world knows.
Edison’s first invention was not successful, but he didn’t give up. He moved to
New York and made many telegraphic improvements. This brought him money.
During this time he married Mary Stilwell and they had three children.
They soon left New York and went to New Jersey where Edison built his most
famous laboratory “Menlo Park”. He hired eighty workers who were chemists and
mathematicians, to help him with inventions at his “invention factory”.
The first great invention was the phonograph. It was the first machine that could
record someone’s voice. Edison recited the poem “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, and
the phonograph played the words to him. The phonograph was a sensation and
brought Edison international fame.
Edison’s next invention changed the world and technology forever. It was the light
bulb (лампочка).Soon many electricity at home. It was just a miracle! Everyone
thought that Thomas was a wizard and called him “Wizard of Menlo Park”.
Afterwards Edison also worked on X-rays, batteries, and the first talking doll.
Another of his greatest ideas was “movies” and the first camera. Edison first
demonstrated movies in 1891. The whole world again called him a genius. But he
knew that having a good idea was not enough. Edison liked to say that without
hard work you could not create anything.
1. Thomas Edison was born to a big family.______
2. Thomas’s teachers could not answer all his questions. ______
3. Thomas Edison was educated by his father.______
4. Thomas Edison’s first job was a telegrapher. ______
5. Thomas Edison worked with helpers in his lab. ______
6. The children played with the phonograph.______
7. The light bulb was the most successful invention. ______
8. Thomas Edison invented lots of things. ______
9. Edison thought talent was enough to be an inventor. ______
1) Is shining, is
2) Knows, goes
3) Does Mr Green do, is, works
4) Are you looking, I am trying
5) Believe, Jack is thinking
1) Is cooking
2) Is
3) Is
4) Don’t know
5) Will return
6) Will come
1) Making
2) Eating
3) To have
4) Eating
5) To order
1) Took
2) Trekked
3) Backpacking
4) Reefs
5) camping
1) T
2) NS
3) F
4) F
5) T
6) NS
7) NS
8) T
9) F
Критерии оценивания:
27-30 баллов- «5»
21-26 баллов- «4»
15-20 баллов- «3»
15-0 баллов- «2»