Промежуточная аттестация по английскому языку 4 класс

Промежуточная аттестация для 4 класса
1. Выберите правильный вариант ответа:
1) I usually … Tom. He is always late.
a) waited for b) am waiting for c) wait for d) to wait for
2) We … coffee every morning.
a) have b) are having c) to have d) having
3) I like teа, but now I … coffee.
a) have b) to have c) having d) am having
4) Mary … the piano every evening.
a) is playing b) plays c) play d) to play
5) Where is John? He … the piano.
a) play b) plays c) is playing d) to play
6) Our boys usually … football in the park.
a) to play b) play c) are playing d) plays
7) My aunt … cakes on Mondays, but she … one now.
a) doesn’t make; is making b) not makes; is making
c) doesn’t make; makes d) don’t make; is making
8) She is in the kitchen. She … tea for us.
a) makes b) make c) to make d) is making
9) I am busy(занят). I … my bed.
a) am making b) make c) makes d) to make
10) I always … my bed before breakfast.
a) makes b) to make c) make d) am making
2. Раскрой скобки и затем составьте отрицательное и вопросительное предложения.
1. There (is, are) a book in my room.
2. There (is, are) three windows in my classroom.
3. There (is, are) a sofa and four chairs in my living-room.
4. There (is, are) a table, four chairs and two lamps in our room.
5. There (is, are) two bedrooms and a bathroom in my house.
3. Выпиши лишнее слово
1always, never,book,often
2. take, come,wash,swim,lesson
4. Угадай названия из этих мест по их описанию.
1. We cook in it. It is a……
2. We sleep in it. It is a……
3. We watch TV in it. It is a……
4.We take shower in it. It is a…