Промежуточная аттестация по английскому языку 7 класс

Промежуточная аттестация по английскому языку для 7х классов
I вариант
A) Complete the sentences with the correct
form of the verbs in brackets.
1. I really enjoy ____________ (watch) sport
on television.
2. He spends a lot of time ____________
(work) on his car.
3. They decided ____________ (go) to the
USA this summer.
4. I hope ____________ (go out) for a meal
this evening. How about you?
5. I expected ____________ (see) you at the
party last night. Where were you?
6. He offered ____________ (drive) me to
the station.
7. I can’t help ____________ (eat) sausages
at midnight.
8. Jane is very hard-working. She doesn’t
mind ________(work) long hours.
9. 7
grade promised __________(write) the
exam excellently.
10. I look forward to _________ (get) well
B) Complete the sentences with the opposite
to the underlined adjective.
1. He’s usually generous but he can
sometimes be quite ____________.
2. It’s better to be ____________ about the
future than pessimistic.
3. She’s very quiet but her sister is really
4. Luckily, there are more polite people in the
world than ____________ ones!
5. When you go for a job interview you must
be ____________, not shy!
6. My friends call me hard-working, but I
think I’m just lucky and ________.
7. Kristen reads all the time. She isn't stupid;
she's very ____________!
8. Don can't ever sit still. He isn't nice;
he's so ____________.
9. That man stole all that money! He
isn't honest; he's terribly ___________!
10. A policeman should be strong, a policeman
shouldn't be ________.
C) Fill in: eye contact, marching, honest, celebration, steaming, patient, cheerful, blush,
social, host.
1. It is important to learn about ___________etiquette and customs before travelling abroad.
2. Bob enjoyed staying with his _______________family in Trinidad.
3. The language instructor is very _____________with her students.
4. In England, it's polite to smile and keep ____________________with people
5. When you_____________ , your face becomes red and you feel embarrassed.
6. A _________________band passed by us at the beginning of the parade.
7. She really enjoyed the various wedding ______________ in India.
8. It's ____________ hot outside!
9. David always has a smile on his face; he is such a _____________person.
10. They assumed Betty wasn't lying and that she was being completely ______________.
C) Fill in: gets on my nerves, lost my temper, felt really sorry for, was laughing my head off,
cheered me up
1. I completely ______________ when Andy arrived an hour late. I was so angry!
2. The movie was so funny. I __________________all the way through.
3. I was feeling bored and grumpy last week, but Jo's wedding really_________________.
4. A man shouted at Amy for talking in the cinema. I ____________________ her!
5. It really __________________when people gossip about others.
D) Choose the correct response
1. A: Could I talk to you for a minute?
В: a) I understand.
b) Sure.
2. A: We haven't met before; I'm David
B: a) I'm sorry about that.
b) Pleased to meet you.
3. A: I'm afraid I have a complaint.
В: a) I didn't know it was a problem.
b) What is it?
4. A: Your dog has been barking all day.
B: a) I'm sorry about that.
b) Don't worry.
5. A: I'll make sure it doesn't happen
B: a) You're welcome.
b) Thanks that would be great.
E) Listening. You will hear a dialogue. Choose the correct answer.
1. Jessica and Abigail are in …
a) Columbia
b) Arab Emirates
c) USA
2. Abigail pierced
a) Tongue, ear, nose
b) Eyebrow, nose, lip
c) she pierced nothing
3. After graduating from university
a) moved to a foreign country
b) changed her appearance
c) changed her mind
4. Jessica married a man with
a) tattoo and beard
b) moustache and beard
c) bald and slim
5. Jessica’s husband has one disadvantage,
a) he doesn’t like to work
b) he becomes angry very easily
c) unwilling to do, doesn’t agree easily
6) Abigail’s father
a) works at university
b) moved to a countryside
c) adopted children from abroad
7) Grandchildren are from
a) Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt
b) Columbia, Ukraine, Indonesia
c) USA, Arab emirates, Crimea
8) Jessica will come for the wedding
a) if she gets an invitation
b) if she raises money for the ticket
c) if she finds out who is Abigail’s
F) Read a text.
An actor prepares
People often ask me how I prepare for a new part and I find this a really difficult question. An
actor needs to know a lot about different sorts of people and different types of personalities.
Imagine you have to play the part of someone who is ambitious and intolerant. Perhaps you
aren’t like this but you must understand how people feel and behave when they are. So, I watch
people all the time, especially when I’m preparing for a new part.
For me, when I’m acting the costume is also very important. Clothes are really important to
all of us. They tell other people a lot about who we are and who we aren’t. Different clothes can
change our behaviour. Think about it. When you put on party clothes, work clothes or sports
clothes you change a little. For example, in smart, expensive clothes you look good, you feel
good and you are more confident. That’s why costume is important for me when I’m acting. If I
put on the clothes of an old, poor homeless woman I feel more like her. The moment I put on the
costume I change, and for a short time I am another person.
Answer the questions.
1 Actors have to
A) answer a lot of questions.
B) prepare for a long time.
C show their personalities.
D) be very ambitious.
2 Kelly watches people a lot because she
A) is interested in people.
B) wants to learn how different people
C) is very patient.
D) needs to understand why people are
3 The clothes we wear
A) are important to us.
B) must be attractive.
C) show how rich we are.
D) tell people different things about us.
4 When we wear different clothes
A) we sometimes feel different.
B) it can make us nicer people.
C) our behaviour always stays the same.
D) people notice us more.
5 According to the article
A) Kelly often plays an old woman.
B) costumes help Kelly play a part.
C) Kelly likes pretending to be an old
D) Kelly likes choosing costumes.
G) Describe your favourite teacher. His/Her appearance, character and what kind of
students does he/she like? (50 70 words)