Разработка упражнений для закрепления грамматической "Артикли"

Поставьте the , где необходимо.
1. Which city is capital of your country?
2. What is largest city in world?
3. Our apartment is on third floor.
4. Help! Fire! Somebody, call fire brigade.
5. Who was first man to walk on moon?
6. "Where is your dictionary?" " It's on top shelf on right."
7. We live in country, about five miles from nearest village.
8. Prime Minister is most important person in British government.
9. I don't know everybody in this photograph. Who is man on left?
10. It was a very nice hotel but I don't remember name.
11. I didn't like her first time I met her.
Поставьте a/an, the , где необходимо.
1. I turned off light, opened door and went out.
2. Excuse me, can I ask question, please?
3. Alan is best player in our football team.
4. How far is it from here to airport?
5. Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to send me postcard!
6. Have you got ticket for concert tomorrow night?
7. Yesterday I bought jacket and shirt. jacket was cheap but
shirt was expensive.
8. What is name of director of film we saw last night?
9. “Where are children?” “They’re in garden.”
10. My sister’s teacher in school near Leicester. She has three
children, two girls and boy. girls are in her class at school, but boy
isn’t old enough for school yet.
11. Jane and Bill are very nice couple. She has clothes shop, and he
works in office in centre of town.
12. “Where are my shoes?” “On floor in kitchen.”
13. “How much are the driving lessons?” “Fifteen pounds hour.”
14. When you come to bed, can you put cat out and turn off light?
15. I went to restaurant last night.
16. What’s name of restaurant we went to last night?
Выберите правильный вариант употребления артикля the.
Potatoes / The potatoes are not expensive.
1. This is a good meal. Potatoes / The potatoes are very nice.
2. Everybody needs friends / the friends.
3. Jan doesn't go to parties / the parties very often.
4. Children / The children learn things / the things very quickly.
5. I enjoy eating in restaurants / the restaurants.
6. I enjoy taking photographs / the photographs. It's my hobby.
7. I must show you photographs / the photographs I took when I was on