Итоговая контрольная по английскому языку для 8 класса

Итоговая контрольная по английскому языку для 8 класса за 2019-
2020 гг.
Вариант 1.
1. Supply the articles „-, a, an, the“ if they are necessary.
Herbert George Wells who was born in Bromley, (1)______South East
England, is known in (2)______history of English literature as (3)_____author of
science fiction, who also wrote novels about (4)_____life of ordinary people.
While (5)_____student, he was interested in (6)_____biology, and his earliest
works were elementary textbooks. Later he became (7)______professional writer.
H.G. Wells ist he founder of modern social fantasy where (8)____ fantastic
element goes with (9)_____realism of individual and social psychology. During
(10)____Great Patriotic War of 1941 1945 Wells showed himself tob e one of
the friends oft he Soviet Union.
2. Choose the correct answer A, B or C.
1. I ……. (revise) for my English test yesterday
a. revised b. was revising c. had revised
2. Who is ………. (funny) boy in your class?
a. funnier b. funniest c. the most funny
3. Can you add a ………….. of salt in my steamed vegetables?
b. pinch b. loaf c. litre
4. My best friend is …….. with ……. ears and …….. lips.
c. small, long, bushy
b. tall, small, full
d. hort, curly, thin
5. The paper ……. (make) from wood.
e. makes b. is made c. is being made
6. A shaking of the ground is called …….
f. tornado b. flood c. earthquake
7. It’s getting warmer and warmer on the Earth. The …….. is coming.
g. famine b. headmaster c. global warming
3.Fill in the gaps with an appropriate modal verb (must, may, can, need,
to have to).
1. I ________ be your car there. You have parked it today.
2.You ______ not take pictures in this museum.
3. We _________ speak Spanish at the lesson.
4. ___________ you help me?
5. You _________ be glad to find the best flat.
4. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.
1. The police officer went ……the bank robber.
2. The prices of Christmas decorations have gone …. since last year.
3. How long can an animal go…food?
4. She's been …..a lot since her accident.
5. The bad weather is really beginning to get me … .
6. It has taken me a long time to get…. the flu.
5. Change the Active to Passive.
2. Right now Sue is preparing the report.
3. Tom has just suggested a new idea.
4. You must do everything in time.
5. Do the students often write the tests?
6. The children had planted the trees by the weekend.
6.Open the brackets to form conditionals. Mind mixed conditionals!
7. Michael would not agree even if you (to ask) ____________ him.
8. If they (mention) __________ this yesterday, everything would have been
9. If I meet him, I (to invite) __________ him.
10. The boss (be) __________ very disappointed if you aren’t at the
meeting tomorrow.
11. The teacher said, “I’ll begin the lesson as soon as Jack _____________
(stop) talking.”
12. She’s flying to Cairo tomorrow. She’ll send her family a telegram
providing she _____________ (arrive) with a delay.
13. If the plane had left on time, they _____________ (be) in Minsk now.