Промежуточная аттестационная контрольная работа по английскому языку 6 класс

Промежуточная аттестационная контрольная работа
Name ____________________________________________ 6 «____»
1 вариант
1. Выбери и обведи лексически правильные варианты из данных в скобках.
1) It was dark in the park, Jerry could not see (anything/something).
2) These hills are not very (high/tall).
3) Rose says she has very (few/little) friends in her new school.
4) We never buy (many/much) food.
5) (Everybody/Everything) understands such things.
2.Выбери и обведи лексически правильные варианты из данных в скобках.
1) Our school lunches are fairly tasty (too/also).
2) For a long time I could not find new friends (too/either).
3) Last summer was (also/as well) rainy.
4) My soup was watery (either/as well).
3. Используй соответствующие глагольные формы, чтобы заполнить пропуски в предложениях.
1) If you (ask)________John, he (answer)__________ your questions.
2) I (phone)________granddad as soon as I (arrive)__________at the airport.
3) If the weather (to be)______ fine, we (stay)_________here longer.
4) I (do)______it when Sally (come)________.
5) Nobody (go)________skiing tomorrow if the temperature (become)_________low.
6) I (go)_____to Florida with my cousin if nothing (happen)________.
7) They (drive)__________you to your country house if you (ask)_________them.
4.Напиши эти предложения в косвенной речи.
1) Sue says: “I don’t feel free.”
2) Victor asks: “Help me to choose a gift for my mum, Jerry.”
3) Fred says to me: “I will look after your dog.”
4) Hillary says: “Don’t feel sad, Morris.”
5.В каждом случае обведи модальные глаголы или структуру, которые подходят для той или иной
1) If he comes, he (can/ will be able to) help us.
2) Greg is talking to the head teacher: (May/Can) I come in?
3) Greg is talking to his younger sister: (Can/May) you bring me an apple, please?
4) I (can/may) skate but not very well.
5) Penny tried to open the door. One, two, three… No away. But at last she (could/was able to) do it.
6. Прочитай текст и отметь, какие предложения (1-6) соответствуют содержанию(T) и о чем в тексте
не упоминается (NS).
Oxford is a beautiful city by day. The university gardens, the parks and the fields around the river make the centre
of Oxford a surprisingly green place. In good weather visitors also love walking through the narrow old streets
between the university buildings and around the Botanic Gardens, which are the oldest in Britain (from 1621).
Many people travel around the city by bike. Another way to see Oxford is to get away from streets and traffic and
enjoy the city from the river. In the old days people used boats to carry passengers and animals down the river,
but now students and tourists use them.
1. Oxford is more beautiful by day than by night. __________
2. There are parks and gardens in the centre of Oxford. __________
3. The Botanic Gardens appeared in Oxford in the 17
century. __________
4. There are several ways to travel around Oxford. __________
5. The best way to see Oxford is by bus. __________
6. Nowadays people of Oxford don’t carry animals in boats down the river. __________