Аттестационная контрольная работа по английскому языку в 5 классе

Аттестационная контрольная работа 5 класса
Form 5. Final test.
l. Read the letter and mark T, if information is true, and F, if the information is false./
Прочтите письмо и отметьте Т, если информация относится к письму и
F,еслли информация не относитяс к письму.
1. They are 4 in the family.
2. Pam lives in Great Britain.
3. She has got a father, a mother, a brother, a grandfather, an uncle and aunt.
4. Pam’s great grandmother is 99 years old.
5. Her uncle lives in Great Britain.
6. Pam’s uncle lives in a big city.
7. Pam’s uncle has got a lot of animals.
8. Pam’s got 12 dogs and a cat.
My name is Pam. I’m from Nottingham. I’m happy to be pen pals with you. I’ll tell you
about my family. We are four in the family. There’s mum, dad, my brother and me. And I
also have grandparents. My dad is 40 years old and my mum is 38. I’m 12. My birthday is on
26 April. My grandmother was born in 1943 and my grandfather was born in 1938. And I
have got a great grandmother (прабабушка). She will be 100 next year. Can you believe it?
She is very old. My father’s brother lives in the USA. He has got a farm. He has got a lot of
cows and ducks. There are 132 cows and 1560 ducks. Besides he has got 12 dogs. They work
on the farm. I also love animals. I have got a cat and fish. And what about you?
2. Choose the correct forms of the verbs./ Выберети правильную форму глагола.
1. Why do you read/ are you reading this leaflet? (брошюра)
2. Ann, I’m sure you know that my mum is going/ will go to America in a month. Now she
has got the exact route (точный маршрут).
3. Really? What is she doing/ will she do there? What cities is she visiting / will she visit?
4. She is going/ will go to New York?
5. What else is she going to do / will she do there?
6. I think she will visit museums and buy souvenirs / is visiting museums and buying
3. Fill in the gaps. Use the verbs in Present Progressive or Present Simple./ Раскройте
скобки, используя Present Progressive или Present Simple.
I_________________(to sit) in the park and____________________(to write) my notes at
the moment. It__________(to be) very hot. I____________(to hate) such weather. I
_______________ (not to want) to sit here. My friends______________(to play) tennis.
They______________(to run) and_____________(to laugh). They often____________(to
play) tennis in the park. They_____________(to have) fun. They___________(to like) this
weather and______________(not to need) lemonade and ice-cream. Now I____________(to
see) an ice-cream man! Ice-cream_____________(to be) cold and very tasty. Now
I________(to be) very happy.
4. Put in the missing words from the table./ Заполните пропуски необходимым словом
из таблицы
cities, countries, capital, famous, places, museums, years, hundred, popular, opera, old,
lots, galleries, lovely, important.
London is the ___(1)____ of Great Britain. It is a very ____(2)_____city. It was founded
about two thousand __(3)___ ago. London is one of the most ___(4)___and interesting
____(5)______ in Europe. There are _____(6)______of____(7)_____ to visit in London.
There are a lot of ____(8)____, art ____(9)____, cinemas, theatres and ___(10)__ parks in
Additional tasksополнительные задания.
5. Read the places to visit and place them into their native city./ Прочтие название мест
и определите в каком городе они находятся.
Westminster Abbey, The Kremlin, The Houses of Parliament, Spasskaya Tower, The
Pushkin Museum, Westminster Bridge, Red Square, the Bloody Tower, Trafalgar Square,
Big Ben, Tverskaya Street, Gagarin Square, the Tretyakov Gallery, Tower Bridge.
Arbat Street,
The White Tower,
6. Ask the questions. Start with the words in brackets./ Задайте вопросы, начиная со
слов в скобках.
1. Tom will only stay in Moscow for 3 days. (How long?)
2. London is different from Moscow. (What city?)
3. There are a lot of places to visit in London. (Are?)
4. Ben lives not far from London. (Where?)
5. She visited the capital of Great Britain a month ago. (When?)