План урока "Across cultures" 7 класс

Holidays and Travel
School: 22
Date: 20.11.2017
Teacher name: Khamitova A.S.
Grade: 7 v
Number present:
Theme of the lesson
Across cultures
Learning objectives(s) that
this lesson is contributing to
Develop intercultural awareness through reading and discussion;
Understand specific information and details in texts on a range of familiar
general and curricular topics;
Spell most high-frequency vocabulary accurately for a growing range of familiar
general and curricular topics;
Begin to link comments with some flexibility to what others say at sentence and
discourse level in pair, group and whole class exchanges.
Lesson objectives
All learners will be able to:
realise particular facts and parts in reading passage;
Most learners will be able to:
interact in a pair, group and a whole class work presenting
logically connected information with ideas of other people
Some learners will be able to:
raise awareness about cultural diversity through reading and
write topic related words correctly
Language objectives
Revise topical vocabulary
Value links
Patience, respect
Cross curricular links
Geography, History
ICT skills
ICT Board
Intercultural awareness
Kazakh culture
Pastoral Care
Health and Safety
Planned activities
3 minutes
8 minutes
4 min
4 minutes
8 min
Regrouping: Teacher divides learners into 3 groups and does it with the help of 3 different
Greetings: Teacher presents Learning objectives.
What would you wish your classmates?
e.g. “I wish you good luck”/ ”I wish you be healthy and happy
Сhecking up home work. (learning words by heart, making up the dialogues)
The main part.
What is culture in your opinion?
e.g. Culture is architecture/language/traditions/communication
Why do we study languages?
Do you agree a language is a culture too?
What do we get learning a new culture?
Open class discussion.
Look at the pictures. What do you think the texts are about?
SB p 37 ex 1
My amazing travels
I’ve seen a lot of strange things during my trip, including some really weird sports and races.
Here are two of the best!
1. Cockroach racing
Cockroach racing has got to be the craziest sport on the planet. So, how did it begin?
The story goes that one day in 1982 in Brisbane, Australia, two men had an argument
about which part of the town had the biggest and fastest cockroaches. The next day
they had a race to see who was right. The crowd enjoyed it so much that cockroach
races have taken place every January 26th since then!
2 Kumis alu
When I was in Kazakhstan, I saw something that took my breath away.
Horsemen riding at a full gallop leaned down out of the saddle to snatch up a
handkerchief from the ground on the left, then on the right, again and again! The
winner was the one who grabbed the most handkerchiefs. I couldn’t believe the skill
and speed on display. The sport is called “Kumis alu”, and it is a very ancient game.
Thousands of years ago, the Greek leader said that it was the best training for a rider.
Kumis alu is still popular in Kazakhstan and you can see why!
5 min
2 min
3 min
1 min
2 min
Find the translation of the words. Work in groups
While-reading: Teacher explains learning objectives for the tasks.
Learners do Task Watching the video, discussing it I,P)
Listen to the texts and explain the main idea of them
Post reading:
Learners discuss the statements in groups.
They have to complete the statements by identifying true and false information in the texts.
Learners should share the information
Teacher observes and makes notes.
SB p 37 ex 2 Mark the sentences T(true), F (False) or DS (doesn’t say). Correct the false
1. The cockroach races began after two people disagreed about something.
2. Cockroaches have to run in a straight line during the races.
3. Alexander the Great was excellent at Kumis alu.
4. People in Kazakhstan don’t like Kumis alu.
Which of the events in the texts would you like to attend? Why?
WB p 26 ex 1
SS individually fill the gaps
Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.
1. The beautiful scenery … my breath away.
a) Snatched b) grabbed c) took
2. Cockroach racing is the weirdest sport … the planet!
a) On b) in c) at
3. The men rode their horses at a … gallop.
a) Full b) skill c) speed
4. I’m not speaking to Makhmud because we … an argument.
a) Did b) had c) disagreed
5. Kumis alu is the best … for horse riders.
a) Racing b) riding c) training
Home task:
To learn new expressions for the quiz
SB p 37 ex 4 To write a texts about any festival in KZ
Have we achieved our aims of the lesson?
Was it interesting for you?
Do you have any questions?