Презентация "Russia and China. The dialogue of cultures" 7 класс

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Russia and China. The dialogue of cultures The whole history of humanity is a dialogue. The reasons for the rapprochement of China and Russia Russian literature in China Russian culture in China “Katyusha” “喀秋莎” 正当梨花开遍了天涯 河上飘着柔曼的轻纱 喀秋莎站在峻峭的岸上 歌声好像明媚的春光 姑娘唱着美妙的歌曲 她在歌唱草原的雄鹰 她在歌唱心爱的人儿 她还藏着爱人的书信 Pears and apples blossomed on their branches. River mist was spreading high and wide. On the steep and lofty bank at morning Kate came walking by the riverside. Kate came walking, singing in the morning Of a brave gray eagle of the steppes, Of a man she'd come to call beloved Of a man whose letters she had kept. Russian films in China The study of the Russian language in China The study of the Chinese language in Russia Dialogue of cultures — the Foundation and an important prerequisite for the formation and strengthening of such values as tolerance, respect, mutual help, charity. Thank you for your attention!